We, the People. +. Nani Palkhivala: The Courtroom Genius This item:We, the Nation: the Lost Decades by Nani A. Palkhivala Paperback Rs. In stock. In later years, he was known as Nani Palkhivala—a household name, not only amongst lawyers, but .. He recounts the incident in his book We the Nation. We, the nation: the lost decades. Front Cover. Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala. UBS Publishers’ Write a review. We haven’t found any reviews in the usual places.

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Education has been happily defined as the technique of transmitting civilization. He overcame his speech impediment. Read this ma ny years ago but very distinctively remember, “there can be no ‘pro’gress with ‘con’gress”.

Through this dread shape humanity betrayed.

It is the only tax which has generated an epidemic of political schizophrenia It is the only tax which has institution- alized corruption on so vast a scale palkuivala a strong lobby has grown up against its abolition. To learn more about how to request items watch this short online video. This is achieved by the provision that the elected members of the two houses of Parliament would palkjivala the same number of votes as the aggregate of the votes of the elected representatives of the state assemblies taken together.

Finally, the great appreciation of most foreign currencies against the Indian rupee offers an excellent opportunity of using India as a manufacturing base.

These judgments were cited before the Supreme Court and are referred to m the majority judgments without disapproval, but they are inexplicably overlooked The majority judgments did not pause to consider the reasons why for all the past decades the Union Government had not made reservations on caste basis m areas of employment, admissions and promotions. In Maharashtra itself, three years after the condemnation by the Keskar Committee, a study group palkhivalw by Mr S K Wankhede, after labouring for about seven years, recommended m the immediate abolition of octroi.

We fight over everything. Journalism is not a business; it is a profession. Rajalakshmi rated it really liked it Feb 15, For decades, he worked indefatigably not as the enemy of the British but as one who held them in high esteem nank regard and wanted them to show their true character in their dealings with India.

Education is an end in itself, and not merely a means to an end like financial well-being There should be no profit motive in liberal education, any more than ghe friendship Then alone can knowledge ripen into wisdom. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? A constitution is not a jellyfish; it is a highly fhe organism It nattion an identity and integrity of its palkhivvala, the evocative Preamble to the Indian Consti- tution being its identity card It cannot be made to lose its identity m the process of amendment The Fundamental Rights are the very heart of our Constitution — taking them away would deprive the Constitution not only of lalkhivala identity but of its life itself.

To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short te video. I few it should be highlighted in the title. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. India — Politics and government — There was a problem filtering reviews right now.


Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Naoroji, unaided by formal education at college, managed to take his enterprises right to the top and compete successfully with large public companies financed by lakhs of shareholders.

We Indians are endowed by Nature with, I believe, no less thr than the Israelis, but we lack character and the sense of duty and dedication which makes all the difference. We produce ethical illiterates m our law colleges, who have no notion of what public good is In India the number of advocates today is about three lakhs We have the second highest number of lawyers in the world, the first being the United States which has seven lakh legal practitioners These large numbers result m a lot of lawyer- stimulated litigation in the two countries By contrast, fhe number of practising lawyers in Japan is less than 14, About 30, students appear for law examinations m Japan and only about succeed, i.

He made different communities give up their claim for separate electorates. The question is — does the Budget resolve the problem of poverty or does it merely re-cycle the problem 9 Do we want a budget for Jobs or a budget palkhivaoa Doles, a budget for Self-help or a budget for State help 9 We must never try to brush aside reality, however unpleasant it may be.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It has been said that m the state of Bihar nothing moves except the n ver Ganges 1 In the UK there are 29 million taxpayers, while the number of tax references to the High Court there is only around thirty annually In India there are 5 million taxpayers, while the number of references made to our High Courts annually is over 6, plus more than 1writ petitions. When a corporation of another nation comes to my country, it is motivated by greed and exploitation! These two incidents bear witness to the genius of India for getting rid of persons palkhiavla are most needed at a critical moment in our history.

Customers who bought this item also bought. The vertical is between the East and the West, the horizontal between the North and the South The East-West conflict is between tyranny and freedom, just as the North-South confrontation is between affluence and poverty.

In the final analysis, I believe we shall be measured by an even more stringent yardstick: Let us never forget that descent into a police state is deceptively easy. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. nanii

After all, the Indira Vikas Patra Scheme is, to put the truth bluntly, a scheme of bearer bonds which are mainly availed of by black marketeers and tax evaders, since the identity of the holder is not required to be disclosed Should the government pay such an extraordinarily high rate of interest to that unworthy section of society, with every likelihood of tax being evaded on the interest?

He solemnly declared If the Government could not act as trustees for the entire population irrespective of caste, religion or creed, it does not deserve to continue for a single day.

We, the nation : the lost decades / Nani A. Palkhivala | National Library of Australia

There is not a word m the budget papers to indicate to the members of Parliament and to the public that such breaches of faith are sought to be committed. Ambedkar an immeasurable debt of gratitude which can never be palkhiavla.


He regarded himself as the guardian of the welfare of the State and actively took all those measures which were necessary to promote public welfare No one worked harder to advance the cause of the essential unity of all religions If despite his unremitting efforts there is widespread violence in Bombay today, it is a measure of the depths of degradation to which our people have sunk in point of cultural illiteracy If the Governor and the Chief Minister of every State bad the vision, knowledge and capability of Mr Subramanian, India would be transformed into a wholly different country.

For months palkhivalx the nickname stuck to the Parsi MP. It is not suggested that it is right for the Prime Minister to accept a donation from a private individual, much less if he is a shady character. The foresight nni those who, like your Company, are expanding their capacity, will be fully justified by events In the competitive situation today, we are fully geared to stay ahead of the others. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

We, the Nation: the Lost Decades

Without population control, the problems of India would never be resolved but would only be aggravated Perpetuation of poverty is the twin sister of a burgeoning citizenry Without education it is impossible to fulfil the four noble ideals on which our Constitution was built — liberty, equality, fraternity. Sanskrit is best suited to the computer age, particularly m the area of Artificial Intelligence. Refresh and try again. In production, our accent is on quality: From the very first decade of the republic the steel claws of the permit-licence-quota raj were laid upon the national economy, and even today their grip continues with insignificant relaxation The administrative techniques pursued by the government are the same as were cast m a concrete mould more than a century ago Files and minutes still go perpetually from official to official and from ministry to ministry In the result, nothing moves except the river Ganges.

The greatest thing for a nation is self-help Eradication of corrup- tion, mobilization of available internal funds, efficient use of human resources — as have been done by South Korea and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore — would be far more rewarding than a confrontation with the North. Defender of constitutional liberties, champion of human rights We are trying to overtake others by giant strides while we have hardly learnt to walk.

I heartily welcome the long-delayed decision on decon- trol for this vital industry which can now organize itself to achieve higher standards m the free market. Every age must take a step forward in evolution, but unfortunately India has been taking several steps backwards.