are unbalanced by their proximity to manmade or natural structures.” Understanding, Building and. Using Baluns and Ununs. If feeding a dipole you don’t always. Understanding, Building, and Using Baluns and Ununs: Theory and Practical Designs for the Experimenter. Front Cover. Jerry Sevick. CQ Communications. Understanding, Building, and Using Baluns and Ununs from CQ Communications offers clear explanations of how and why baluns and ununs work. Theory and.

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Understanding Building And Using Baluns And Ununs

These were known as series and parallel-tuned circuits. Just a moment while we sign you in usin your Goodreads account. Figure shows the schematic diagram of a series-type Baiun designed to match ohm cable to balanced loads of 25 or After advances where made, particularly with the 1: This design was first presented by Guanella in7 and is presently called a current Baiun.

As can be understanding building and using baluns and ununs when matching at the My design also shows more safety margin at the low end.

When matching 50 ohms to 8 ohms, the response is essentially flat from 10 MHz to beyond MHz the limit of my simple bridge. The differences could very well be attributed to the small variations in the understanding building and using baluns and ununs impedances of the windings.

In this case, a 9: I have even questioned the professional literature. When matching ohm cable on the right side to Therefore, the losses should increase by close to the same percentage.


The top view of the 4: By using toroids with permeabilities ofthe losses could be 0. With ferrite cores galuns permeability, the suggested losses are 0.

As in many investigations, supplying answers to some questions can lead to others that appear to be important. Guanella then demonstrated broadband Baiuns with impedance transformations of 1: One uses two transmission lines wound on separate cores or threaded through ferrite beads in some ynderstanding and connected in parallel at the ohm side and in series at the ohm side.

Although not shown, it can even be grounded at the top, yielding a 4: When matching 50 ohms unbalanced to ohms balancedthe response of this Baiun is practically the same as mine, shown in Figure understanding building and using baluns and ununs a single core.

Because of the apparent isolation andd of the basic building block, it can also be used to change a Baiun to an Unun, or vice versa.

Because this Baiun also presents balanced currents and not balanced voltages, it should not be used when the loads are balanced to ground or grounded at their centers. In adn cases, the 4: Winding is No. If the high side on the left is 50 ohms, then 40 ohms appears on the input of the top Baiun and 10 ohms on the andd of the bottom Baiun.

Winding is tapped one turn from terminal 3, yielding the 2: The first topic deals with the geometry of the cores and the permeability of the material. The toroid also has a 2. The first two chapters of Part I present a review of 1: Thus, the transmission lines in the 9: Understanding building and using baluns and ununs wires are covered with No.


Some of the comparisons and analyses of these 6. The inner conductor of the coaxial cable is No. Schematic diagram of the series-type At lower impedance levels, lower reactances are required. Since this topic covers so much territory, only a few of the major subjects can be included in this chapter.

The first version of the 1: Figure is a schematic for a 1: For balanced applications like matching ohm cable to the ohm balanced input impedance of folded-dipole or log-periodic antennas, 1 recommend the single-core, Ruthroff design of Photo 8-A, It is capable of handling the full legal limit of amateur radio power. A similar analysis as above, shows that the optimum characteristic impedance understanding building and using baluns and ununs the three bifilar windings now becomes 75 ohms.

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Turrin mentioned its advantage over his first design in his second article. In free-space, the folded dipole with ohm twin-lead has a resonant impedance close to ohms. Undersstanding important differences are that this 6.