John Stevens wrote the book The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei, chronicling the practice of walking long distances – up to The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei has ratings and 16 reviews. Иван said: Освен доста добре поднесената информация, книгата е изпълнена и с. 1 Mar Kakudo is one of the Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei, and this will be only the first of successive nights that he will get up at midnight, attend.

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Some monks have felt that this exercise is the greatest trial of all, greater than doiri. The Imperial Japanese Navy 19th Century corvette Hiei was named after this mountain, as was the more famous World War II -era battleship Hieithe latter having initially been built as a battlecruiser. Mount Hiei has been featured in many folk tales over the ages. On one hand, you can despair.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. According to what predecessors have experienced, Kakudo may become so sensitive to life that he will feel himself absorbing mist through his pores, hear ashes falling from incense sticks and smell the marathon monks of mount hiei being prepared miles away.

A History of Japan — Kakudo also carries candles, matches, a small bag of food offerings to the deities, the marathon monks of mount hiei a rosary.

Non-profit, K, and Individual pricing also available See pricing information and conditions. The training goes side by side with a diet of vegetables, tofu and miso soup. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


The majority of monks who complete these odysseys have been in their 30s.

DER Documentary: Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei

These monks are purportedly some of the wisest, most spiritual men on earth, with insight gained through incredible feats of endurance. A must read for any ultra runner. After a first run with a master, Kakudo will be on his own. The mountain is a popular area for hikers and a toll road provides access by automobile to the top of the mountain; there are also buses that connect the mountaintop to town a few times a day.

Want to Read saving…. Luc rated it really liked it Jul 16, Kaihogyoas mojks rituals are known today, evolved from to present.

What these monks can do is probably incredible for the average person the marathon monks of mount hiei sits at an office desk all day, but I am quite sure that anyone can do this, if they apply and train themselves in the same way as these monks have. If this petition is accepted, he must free himself from all family ties and observe a seven-year retreat on Mount Hiei.

In imperial Japan, such monks were granted a special place at court, and were the only people allowed to wear shoes in the presence of the emperor. The community drama of marriage, death, and rituals is the marathon monks of mount hiei with the rich…. The pictures are poor quality black and white, and actually quite few for being a large format paperback. Illustrated with superb cinematography and music, this film contains the first full insight into Mount Hiei and Tendai Buddhism based on the book “Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei” by John Steven, published by Shambala Press.


The 1,day challenge is not an end point, the challenge is to continue, enjoying life and learning new things. With more than million followers worldwide, Buddhists follow a path the marathon monks of mount hiei enlightenment in what is as much a religion, as it is a way of life. Matt rated it it was ok Sep 09, The topic is treated rather academically and much more from a historical and Buddhist perspective rather than their athletic feats.

Literally, a marathon a day for the whole year! Didn’t really tell me more than a news article did 6 years ago. In the last years, only 46 men have managed it.

The Challenging Life of Mt. Hiei’s Marathon Monks

Paperbackpages. Trivia About The Marathon Monk It is the philosophy of Tendai Buddhism, which inspires him in his quest for the pf.

White robes are worn, with this colour traditionally associated with death in Japanese culture. I guess I was hoping for a more journalistic account, monkss that would bring the experience of these incredible people to life. Ill read anything of his.