Peter Heehs. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. Contents. Preface. Acknowledgments. Note on Proper Names. Part One: Son. I. Early Years in India. Bengal, –. 19 May Peter Heehs, one of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives, is the first to relate all the aspects of Aurobindo’s life in its entirety. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. By Peter Heehs. Columbia University Press. pages. $ cloth. Sri Aurobindo Ghose (–) is one of the most.

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A critique of “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” by Peter Heehs and its consequences in the Ashram life

At this time or a little earlier, he found himself a separate flat, apparently at 28 Kempsford Gardens, Earls Court, South Kensington. For tye could Hell fail to be ten times more Hell to the poor wretch after the delicious coolness of his iceberg? One last hurdle remained. He could have received one simply by residing at Cambridge for another year but, as a successful ICS candidate, he had neither the time nor the need to continue his studies.

Rajaram Patkar found Sarojini cultured and dignified, Mrinalini childish and spoiled.

The next year, they returned to Cumberland for an extensive tour of the Lake District. I did not know what it was all about. Adam Pogioli rated it it was amazing Oct 18, Alokdev rated it it was amazing May 01, S met Sri Aurobindo in The lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs. This was enough to keep him a probationer in good standing, but it was a sharp drop from his entering rank.


This impelled Aurobindo to write a series of essays on his life and writings, which were published in Indu Prakash in July and August. Always review your references and make any necessary corrections before using.

Login Through Your Library. Every month, sometimes every week, he placed orders with Bombay and Calcutta booksellers. The little fellow had a grey suit — very becoming — and is greatly aged — grown tall and boyish. The Gaekwar applied for permission in and was refused.

Published on January 10, Bankim, the greatest Bengali writer of the age, livves that April at the age of fifty-five. Indian journalists the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs the Congress a success. I did not pteer it particularly remarkable, as the subject wore neither loincloth nor turban, and had no simulated halo around his head. There are also, for comparison, accounts by others of similar mystical experiences.

As for the behaviour of those trusted pillars of the Baroda Raj at Ajwa, a veil had better be drawn over it; I believe I was the only quiet and heehhs person in the company.

Peter Heehs

Most biographies of Aurobindo have made his sadhanaor practice of yoga, seem like a series of miracles. The idea of giving him a regular position at the college had to be dropped, though he did begin to do a bit of teaching on the side. In a group of so-called extremists led by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a journalist and activist from Poona, insisted that the social conference be held in a different place. Before assuming full powers inhe studied with an English tutor while a British-appointed minister ran the state.

Still, Rajnarain hheehs it necessary to get Swarnalotta married soon after she reached the age of twelve. It may the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs become less unusual by then for The lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs men to cross the ocean, but for Indian women, it was almost unheard of.


Leaning back against the table, his thumb and index finger closed, his eyes down, or perhaps gazing across the room, he spoke as if in trance, hrehs rhetorical flourishes, simply and to the point.

Gurus and their Followers: Money was drained from the state by purchases from Europe and British India and the employment of officials and contractors llves the same places. In this book I use the old forms for important cities, particularly those in which Aurobindo lived, because to do otherwise would be anachronistic.

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs

Putting on the robe of a sannyasihe wandered around northern India, ahrobindo for ways to get military training. What Heehs has done is to show how this quest grew out of a bookish, solitary youth, an academic interlude in Baroda, followed by a short political life which galvanized the Indian independence movement, and then the the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs that his true yhe was to hasten the evolution of humanity towards nothing less than a deathless flowering of spirit out of matter.

He wears a little-boy suit — jacket, vest, and knickers. In he was named joint winner of the annual Rawley Prize for the best composition in Greek iambics.