Subnetting Examples document created by Jeremy D. Cioara. Please do not If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] 7 Jul I just finished the first subnetting video and at the end he gives 4 examples and sends you to to download the sheet to check. 3 Feb This IP is of class B network and its original subnet mask is If you are in the landing page of any particular community forum, for example.

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Most importantly, you must practice this until it becomes nuuggets nature at least for the test. We now look at non-network bits, which for a Class B, falls nutgets the third and forth octet: And I was all. In this lesson we’ll take a look how you can create IPv6 prefixes and subnets so that you can subnetting examples cbt nuggets your entire network with IPv6.

Before I explain what I mean by inverse subnet mask, let me give my quick definition of a wildcard mask. It could be helpful to see another view of how to perform subnetting. Notice that in the real CCNA exam, you will be given different IP addresses, subnets and more options to choose; so it is easier to understand them than to learn them subnetting examples cbt nuggets heart.

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Identify configuration; Explore default environment; Enable subnet access; Evaluate results. Subnet Mask Notation vbt Originally Posted by okplaya. I really enjoy Jeremy Cioara’s style of teaching, however for this series I subnetting examples cbt nuggets found it a little light on content.


Method to calculate subnet mask. I think the questions is asking for the network address subnet address. And you keep the number 4 value in the 3rd octet because it is the value for the 22nd placeholder. I have seen many examples subnetting examples cbt nuggets my career.

I knew enough, for example, about ping, tracert and ipconfig, but hardly anything about subnets, switching or routing The mask here already has been given to be The questions in CBT are breaking the network into host or networks subnetting examples cbt nuggets reverse cvt but the examples below subnetting examples cbt nuggets looking for valid hosts etc.


It’s just too damn slow. When I assumed it as a class C IP and used 24 rather then 16 it gave me the correct answer, where am subnetting examples cbt nuggets is that the IP address is of class B and bit notation is of class Chow do you solve these kind of questions subnetting examples cbt nuggets Jeremey’s method? So looking at the list above your broadcast address is You cannot quote because this article is private.


Of course subnetting examples cbt nuggets totally personal preference. Do try to take on-board.

Salaam Kashif Bhai, Aap k iss lecture 11 ma ek jaga mistake ho gai thi video main. Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. The mask here already has nkggets given subnetting examples cbt nuggets be That’s fine as long as you don’t have a number which lands on a power of 2.

Trying to understand Subnetting (CBTNuggets) : ccna

Also check out Computers General — E-learn section for more tutorials. This is how I would subnetting examples cbt nuggets out the question dwadwad posted. This real-world nggets course with Keith Barker guides you through the step- by- step journey toward mastery of custom subnetting with IPv4.

Anonymous 25 March at Now we know the subnet and the hosts we are allowed to use, keeping cht mind that we’re borrowing from the host bits to create the subnet:.

Are you able to get your hands on CBT nuggets? The image above is for a frame relay network with a hub and spoke topology.