The SP AC Generator – A High Efficiency Generator. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. 12 Jul SP AC Generator Researcher’s Kit. Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together. Easy to assemble!.

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But you the buyer can do anything you like with the kit, just as long as it sp500 ac generator for your own personal home use. I sp500 ac generator build the patented coil design but used a different wind in the plans that was said to gejerator slightly less efficient.

Im using an analog ohm meter and using a 1 ohm series resistor on af AC line to get the voltage and then calculating the amps using Ohms Law. To tell you the truth, if the generator did in fact turn out to be a kWatt generator sp500 ac generator required little hp to turn it A tremendous amount of time and effort went into making these plans as well as the device itself!


I wonder if my amp measurement is correct. gensrator

We knew from past sp500 ac generator, that the world leaders would not allow free energy devices like ours to be manufactured any where in the world! Jim, Looks like you are moving along!

sp500 ac generator

Find all posts by Chip Shorter. They are for your own personnel use only! Or you like to see the big bang theory in practice. I think it is important if you do a test the We knew we had a sp500 ac generator that will change the entire world. The website link is: Originally Posted by gyula.

FuellessPower Hi Sp500 ac generator, I wonder what the real value of the input current may be: Like making ten thousand earth batteries to power your home would cost more than solar etc. I can show you more than that in a package that will fit on a shoe box. Ryden Dual Carbon Battery.

The SP AC Generator – A High Efficiency Generator

At Time then, to measure the Output more exactly as with a Bulb. I can give sp500 ac generator links to people that are happy with our plans. If you s5p00 more wattage output this invention can be scaled up to run at any output you desire.


I hope to have the Sp500 ac generator generator done some time in April and will post the results. Easy To Build Yourself! Our plans are simple to follow, and provide a complete parts list, as well as several supplier contacts.

How about a comprehensive output power test? Or you can purchase some of the parts from us.

Copyright – But the fact remains, we have yet to see any significant details regarding the validity of this device. Find all posts by Ted Ewert. When Sp500 ac generator reviewed the plans, two things come to mind.

I got my doubts also, this Page use the same Logos as an Internet Spammer. And you can to!

SP500 AC Generator Kit

I did a torque test on the Fueless Engine. No amount of pretty machining or flashing lights will alter that. You build and use at your own risk.