The SNC-RH Network Rapid Dome Outdoor Camera from Sony offers a reliable medium for remotely or locally monitoring your home or office premises. SNC-RH Capture Critical Security Incidents in Clear and Bright HD Images. The SNC-RH and SNC-RH are network HD rapid dome cameras. Power Supply. Caution for U.S.A. and Canada. The SNC-RH/RS86N/RS84N operates on 24V AC. Use a Class 2 power supply which is UL Listed (in the.

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Opaque 4 colors Black, Gray 3 scales. Improved performance in challenging lighting conditions Sony’s Visibility Enhancer technology snc rh164 performance in challenging lighting conditions, for example high-contrast environments, such anc casinos snc rh164 highways, that had previously been difficult to monitor.

The CompactFlash card slot facilitates on-board storage snc rh164 footage, and accepts the CompactFlash type wireless LAN card for wireless capability. Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6 or 7. Outdoor Antenna Cable Kit.

This means you can mount this snc rh164 outdoors without having to worry about damage or corrosion of components. The full potential of sharp, clear HD images r1h64 ensured thanks to XDNR noise reduction and visibility enhancer systems. The Visibility Enhancer’s advanced system suppresses extreme whites and boosts dark areas in a scene simultaneously snc rh164 dynamically, to produce clearer images on the screen.


Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver.

The camera stores and updates ambient audio levels snc rh164 frequencies, and when the threshold level based dnc this data, is surpassed, an alarm is triggered. Triple Codec Network Operation This multi-codec camera supports three compression formats: The full potential of sharp, clear HD images is snc rh164 thanks to XDNR noise reduction and visibility enhancer systems.

Number of Snc rh164 Programs. Optical zoom 10x Digital zoom 12x Total zoom x. Number of Effective Pixels.

Sony SNC-RH164 Outdoor PTZ IP Camera Discontinued

snc rh164 System Requirements Operating System. Clear low-light images XDNR Excellent Snc rh164 Noise Reduction technology virtually eliminates image blur in low-light conditions, enabling users to clearly capture images that have not been easy to portray in the past.

Advanced Audio Detection Unlike conventional audio detection where an alarm is triggered based on a preset audio level, the SNC-RH Series triggers its alarms based on ambient sound conditions as the threshold. Mini jack monauralMax output level: An indoor, in line power snc rh164 with one output rated at 1 Amp, snc rh164 AC.

JPEG, the best choice snc rh164 high-quality still images. Mounting coupling for pendant applications. This can be used either with a CF memory card for local video storage, or for wireless capability. Range of Bit Rate Setting. Gain control helps adjust the gain of an image shot in bad lighting conditions that are either too bright or dark for normal shooting.


Reviews 0 Write a review vxsfsubewdeqdwetyucbrbexbxwwuucfuz. Mini-jack MonauralMaximum output level: Audio Echo Cancellation This feature removes the echo frequently encountered between the operator and remote site audio systems when speakers and rj164 are used. Highly flexible network capability Enjoy extraordinary operational flexibility using the ideal compression format for differing snc rh164 and network types JPEG for high-quality still images.

This level of clarity combined with state-of-the-art snc rh164 processing and a high speed panning capability makes the RH one of the most effective CCTV cameras snc rh164 the market. Minimum Illumination 30 IRE.

Quick Release Mechanism A new base design, incorporating a Quick Release Mechanism, makes installation and servicing faster and easier. Intel Core2 Duo 2 GHz or snc rh164.

Sony SNC-RH Outdoor PTZ IP Camera Discontinued – Kintronics

Audio Message Alert The camera can store up to three pre-recorded audio alert messages which may be played via an active speaker upon manual or automatic initiation. Minimum Illumination 50 IRE. Expand all Collapse snc rh164.