I’m not a Tamizhan but i was fortunate to read (a version) of the Epic, from that experience i don’t subscribe to Marxist maxim – figment of imagination attached to . Kannagi Wikipedia. Kannagi is a legendary. Tamil woman who forms the central character of the Tamil epic. Silapathikaram 1. Ensoft Group Technical.

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For some time they lived together happily, until, at a festival at the royal court, Kovalan met the dancer Madavi and fell in love with her. The 12 kOvais, made up of the 5 in mullait thImpANi and 7 represented by the first 7 long vowels: While one can find literary classifications such as paalai desert to describe Kannagi’s state of mind, this is really a drama, one that can find its place amongst the finest in the world… Ilango Adigal displayed the most subtle understanding of human nature and reactions through the epic.

Coupled with the poetic skills of iLangO atikaL in capturing human emotions faithfully, SilappathikAram became a jewel in the crown of Thamizh literature. This is an extraordinary accomplishment. The sentiments expressed in her letter to KOvalan are sufficient proof of her chastity and loyalty. This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Kanimozhi Karunanidhi “Silappadhikaaram is not just poetry.

Kovalan hoped to recoup his fortunes by trade in Maduraiby selling the precious anklet of Kannagi. She proved that her anklets contained rubies while those of the Queen contained only pearls. This article is sipapathikaram a legendary person.

Silapathikaram – சிலப்பதிகாரம் – Kannagi – Kovalan

silapsthikaram At the same time, the royal goldsmith had stolen a pearl anklet belonging to the queen, for which he frames Kovalan. Retrieved 13 April Like a raging inferno, KaNNaki brushed past the security into the royal court and dared the King, who asked “Who are tail and why did you come before me? It makes one of the great classics of Indian literature truly accessible in English. Berliner Indologische Studien, Berlin, Vol. How can Tami bear this injustice?

Story spread out in the three Thamizh Kingdoms Finally the author has spread out his play so that it took place in all the three Thamizh Kingdoms. This becomes evident not only by the exemplary portrayal of these traits by the heroine, KaNNaki but also by the repeated observations of supporting characters such as Kavunthi AtikaL and MAdala MaRaiyOn in a variety of circumstances.

It was removed in December citing reasons that it hindered traffic. In these days of narrow specialization, the holistic approach to literature adopted by iLangO atikaL and others is incredible indeed. To overcome his cruel fate, Oh King, KOvalan who came to this city to sell my own personal anklets and rebuild our lives, got killed by you unjustly.

Surprisingly, TholkAppiar included women of unchaste character in the list of those eligible for clandestine love. Thrice she surveyed the city of Madurai, calling her curse in bitter agony.

October, Cilapathikaram, the story of Jewelled Anklets, is rooted in the ordinary lives of the early Tamils of the Pandyan Kingdom in the first century A. Thanks to the efforts of T. Realizing the fault, the king committed suicide in shame, after having delivered such a huge miscarriage of justice.

Tamil-language literature Silappatikaram Tamil epic poems Jain texts. Realizing his folly the PANdiya King died instantaneously. Silappatikaram literally translated, “The story of the Anklet” depicts the life of Kannagia slapathikaram woman who led a peaceful life with Kovalan in Puhar Poompuharthen the capital of Cholas.

Kannagi – Wikipedia

The epic revolves around Kannagiwho having lost her husband to a miscarriage of justice at the court of islapathikaram Pandyan Dynastywreaks her revenge on his kingdom.

Silapatihkaram her own hand she tore the left breast from her body. I hail from the famous PukAr, where we have a tradition of justice; in the name of fairplay one of our Kings appeased a pigeon by giving his own flesh to the amazement of everyone; in order to uphold justice to a grieving cow who rang the enquiry bell thunderously, another King ordered the chariot run over his only son, who earlier killed her calf by negligently running his chariot over it.

Modern scholars with a better understanding and training in fine arts would certainly find more revealing information in these Thamizh texts about many other facets of Thamizh literature and culture.

Silappatikaram by Ilango Adigal. In addition to the main characters, he employed two more individuals to the cast.

Tell the King that a woman with an anklet, an anklet from a pair of tinkling anklets, a woman who has lost her husband, is waiting at the gate.

That which follows is taken from the excellent translation silapatgikaram Professor A. Keralites believe Kannaki to be an incarnation of Goddess Bhadrakali who reached Kodungalloor and attained salvation in the Kodungalloor temple.

University of California Press. Cilapathikaram – the Text. Kovalan was also said to have had a daughter with Madhavi by the name of Manimegalai the lead character of another Tamil epic. Apart silzpathikaram the story, sipapathikaram has great cultural value for its wealth of information on music and dance, both classical and folk.

The frustrations of KOvalan as he left the shore and the return of MAdhavi to her own house, alone and dejected, are described below:. A single woman, who has lost her husband, has conquered the evil King with her anklet, and has destroyed our city with fire!


Madurai was ruled by Pandya king Nedunj Cheliyan I. This is a supreme example of silapatbikaram. It is also considered to be a predecessor of the Nigandu lexicographic tradition. Regarded as one of the great works of Tamil literature, the Silappathikaram is a poetic rendition with details of Tamil culture; its varied religions; its town plans and city types; the mingling silspathikaram different people; and the arts of dance and music.

In his mind, Silapathkaram Adigal travelled the distance from the life of a prince to that of a saint, and was still so aware and sensitive to the life patterns in the streets and homes, in the cities and villages…There is a statement made about Milton, that he conceived his work like a Titan, but finished tzmil a jeweller.

But Madhavi’s mother started to get money from Kannagi in the name of Kovalan’s request, without knowledge of both Kovalan and Madhavi. Characters in Silappatikaram Hindu goddesses Tamil deities. We shall compose a poem, with songs, To explain these truths: Religious Festivals ilangO atikaL described the festivities in PukAr with utmost deference to the religious institutions and local traditions.

Tamil Nadu’s Epic of the Ankle Bracelet: Realizing his mistake the King dropped dead. Kannagi Statue in Marina BeachChennai.