Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture has ratings and 9 reviews. Sulaiman said: Only Fester, Clandestine Chemist can show you. Went through 8th edit. Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture By Uncle Fester [Uncle Fester] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BY Fester, Uncle (Author). ecology, botany, and even Earth science. Arranged in alphabetical order, The encyclopedia also includes appendixes with.

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Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition : Uncle Fester :

Solvent is added to the Erlenmeyer flask to keep their volumes at ml. During the distillation process, a fair amount of methylamine was lost, leaving the N-methyl- formamide with too much formic acid. A piece of filter pa- per covers the flat bottom of the Buchner funnel. By the way, using much ether-alcohol as freebase solution, very dry and extremely white powder without any smell will be result.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition

When the funnel gets hot, it is allowed to set for a while. It disappears be- cause there is no longer much formic acid left. The 1 ml is poured into a clean dry glass jug about one gallon in size which is then stoppered with a cork.

Vacuum adapter Ball of cotton Sep funnel Figure 21 The can of sodium is opened. If surveillance is noticed, it is time to put the plan into a deep freeze, and consider the initial methanphetamine a long term investment rather than a quick payoff. If necessary, he will consult the chapter on bending glass in an Organic Chemistry lab manual. ,ethamphetamine the boiling stops, the vacuum hose is dis- connected from the glassware.

The glassware is set up as shown in Figure 13, back in Chapter Three. This cuts his consumption of methylamine to about half of what it would be metamphetamine this technique. If the initial purchases caught their eyes, they will likely swoop right in, planning on finding an operating lab, or at least enough to make a conspiracy charge stick. The contents of the collecting flask mainly pyri- dine are poured into a clean, dry ml round bottom flask with 5 boiling chips, screts 5 boiling chips are simply added to the ml round bot- tom flask that the pyridine collected in and that flask is put on the distilling side in place of the ml flask.


Home Workshop Explosives Uncle Fester. Manufacturr can be controlled by not using too much bromobenzene, adding it slowly and stirring it well. The next step is to correct this problem. He pulls out one manuvacture the stoppers from the 3-neckcd flask that contains the N-methyl- formamide and sniffs the escaping fumes for the odor of methylamine.

A trick to get this reaction going at a nice low temperature is to gently scrape the thermometer along the bottom of the flask. With ml, the ratio is nearly six to one. After that, we used only steel.

You only need a little bit; for instance, for a 3-Iitcr mix- ture, add 5cc. It should still look like beer. D-lysergic acid, its salts, optical isomers, and salts of optical isomers 10 gr With ml of N-methylformamide, there are about four molecules of N-methylformamide to one of phenylacetone.

It can only grow larger, as the feds become aware of additional chemicals that can be used for drug syntheses. Retrieved from ” https: Silent Death Uncle Fester.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture

The surface should be rough and a off number of holes sliould be poked into the paste for long lasting generation of HC1. Want to Read saving…. This is the bare minimum. How does brewing your own ephed- rine sound, using yeast and brewing equipment and brew supplies? He stops at a few bars and leaves by the back exit.

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This formic acid is about half reacted with methylamine. N-methylformamide is a clear liquid with no odor. If the chemist has done a very good job, the result is manufacyure clear solution.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Then hot soapy water is used on all pieces. This is just the proto- col that has been followed by research scientists for the past god-knows-how-many ages.

They just do this so that if they get unexpected results in their research, they will know that it is not due to impurities in the reaction mix.

The vacuum nipple of the vacuum adapter methampuetamine plugged with a piece of tape. The collected toluene is poured into a bottle. Let it reflux for one hour. It is added in small portions, then swirled around to mix it. After all the black reaction mixture has been added to the sodium hydroxide solution, there is a brown liquid layer floating above the sodium hy- droxide methamhpetamine. It was very difficult to serets needed amount of gas.

This is generally caused by incomplete hydrolysis of the formyl amide. Toluene gal or 1, kg 2.

Full text of “Secrets Of Methamphetamine Manufacture Uncle Fester”

Any more than this is a waste of N-methylformamide. Crystals Fail to Form. The re- action going on here is methamphetamine formyl amide reacting with hydrochloric acid to produce methamphetamine hydrochloride and formic acid. This cannot be al- lowed to happen. After 7 hours, the heat is turned off.