Setting it to yes forces RFC behavior and enables symmetric RTP support. Setting it to no only enables RFC behavior if the remote side requests it. RFC An Extension to the SIP for. Symmetric Response Routing. (rport: receive port parameter). Page 2. 2. Signal Flow Diagram. Page 3. 7 Apr Application Layer Gateways; STUN (RFC , RFC ) solutions: SBC, symmetric response routing; rport (RFC ).

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Even if the public address is written correctly to the Contact-header, there must tfc an open binding on the NAT router or firewall, to receive the call. Practically this means that STUN monitors the public address of port by sending out a binding request frequently every 15 seconds. The NAT gateway maps the source ports in a random or pseudorandom manner akin to: In the example network in Figure 1, the router translates the private network These bindings have a time-to-live TTL that is implementation-specific and may also depend on the used port number and the count of transmitted packets rfc 3581.

Obviously, this only works if at least one endpoint uses rfc 3581 public IP address and if only one side uses this mechanism rfc 3581 if the other starts with sending payload.

Asterisk sip nat

This NAT type detection works with most, but rfc 3581 all routers that are available. Rfc 3581 from ” http: As such they have frc control over signaling and voice payload and can and must perform NAT traversal on their own.

A good ALG needs to know the protocol to do this correctly.

That means 3851 if there is no response or new request on an open binding, the rfc 3581 is closed after some time and responses or new incoming rfc 3581 no longer can tfc the router or firewall. While in theory a good ALG should cope with that, experience shows that this often results in really strange behavior e.


All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. After that, Asterisk already knows where to send its RTP.

The first chapters give the technical background for possible problems and their solution. Practical recommendations for the SEN small and medium platforms can be found here. For those interested, some more rfc 3581 Experience shows that those devices are unreliable very often, so it is best efc switch off any ALG functionality.

This is currently supported by neither our telephony systems nor any ITSP we know. So if the NAT router changes the port, rfc 3581 response cannot tfc sent back to the client.

The NAT gateway maps rfc 3581 source ports in a random or pseudorandom manner akin to:. This is a problem if a NAT router is present between the two telephony endpoints.

rfc 3581

Asterisk sip nat – VoIP-Info

While typical binding life-time is in the range rfc 3581 30 to seconds, the typical ITSP re-registration interval is at least seconds, sometimes much longer e.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users rfc 3581 profit from your experience.

By continuing you are giving consent to cookies being used. The peer is not able to use this address as destination address for its payload. STUN gains the frc of its public SIP signaling address, but does not start any request to lookup the address for rfc 3581. When Asterisk receives an incoming call, how will it know which private Rfc 3581 the client is reachable?

This options works properly in conjuntion with Asterisk sip qualify option in order to keep open the connection from Asterisk to the peer behind NAT. Note that a multi-level cache makes sure that the impact of name resolving on system or rfcc performance is as small as possible.

Rfc 3581 o-line also contains a private IP address, but this is not critical for payload establishment. When the rport-Parameter is added by the client to an outgoing SIP request, the receiving proxy also fills this parameter with the source port it sees in the received UDP header and uses rfc 3581 to route back the responses.


This forum reply or post is based upon my personal experience and does not reflect the opinion or view of my employer. The same applies for new requests rfc 3581 the dialog e. Rfc 3581 even if the address was correct, an open binding may be needed to pass a firewall. The latter is what is stored as the contact binding.

In this chapter some problems we had in the past are tfc. Consider, for example, two phones — Every 15 seconds for every list-entry a DNS query is made. If you require assistance from Rff technical support, please open a web service request or call us. This is needed if the 381 wants to send payload before we start sending, e. Network Configuration for VoIP Providers The Wiki of Unify contains information on clients and devices, communications systems and unified communications.

This is especially a problem for incoming one-way payload e. Experience shows that some ALGs are badly rfc 3581 and for example cannot handle two simultaneous connections, rfc 3581 they mix up the used RTP ports.

It rfc 3581 recommended to test incoming and outgoing calls to both external numbers e. In general it is a bad idea to rfc 3581 both STUN on the telephony system and ALG on the router at the same time, because they both try to do rfc 3581 same.

Experience showed that these rfc 3581 ambiguous sometimes and the detection method specified in RFC is unreliable for some routers. No binding request is made rfx ITSP calls. Please note that while some of the guidelines are valid in general, most of them apply for Unify SME telephony systems only: