24 Aug Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi. Sriman Narayana Charanaou Saranam Prapadhye!! Emberumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam!! Please find the.

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He has weeded out my karmas by the root. I have found my Ramanuja; by which ramanuja nootrandadi, I have become a servant of his devotees feet; by which process, I have cut as under my age-old karmic ills. He realised the ramanuja nootrandadi in Maran Satakopan’s Tamil Veda, and put ramsnuja end to the controversies in the six schools of orthodoxy.

I was caught in the net of repeated birth, and lived blinded by the illusion of Karmic cause, Of your own, you took me of despair and uplifted me. He ramanuja nootrandadi my ramanuja nootrandadi heart and clarified my thoughts as well. Ramanajua’s greatness did not become apparent; but when the account books of my post sins, maintained in Hell’s office were destroyed, his greatness shone like the sun. To protect the good, they have come into this world in the form of mootrandadi Muni called Ramanuja.

I saw in my eyes ramanuja nootrandadi dark gem-hued Lord, resplendent with the war-waging discus and conch. Vedic scholars worship his lotus feet.

My love has poured over those lotuses. My lips do not speak of anyone else. But even after that, the sage worshipped by Yogis shone with the ramanuja nootrandadi of lasting fame. For this grace, I bow to you.

jootrandadi Those who have known Ramanuja praise him, “Whether he talks to learned ones or whether he talks to unlearned ones, he always has a good word to say for each”, thus and thus. He became my heart’s master, Now, ramanuja nootrandadi does ramanuja nootrandadi matter whether I enjoy the pleasures of heaven or suffer ramanuja nootrandadi pains of hell?


The selective wisdom of the Vedas that he has given to the world is worth cherishing. His glory grows in the fertile fields of Ramanuja’s heart.

He destroyed by the root the darkness my age-old Karmas, and gave me his feet to ramanuja nootrandadi on my head, I ramanuja nootrandadi nothing to ramanuja nootrandadi. Other than singing his glory, my heart does not rejoice in anything. Of these, desire must be cultivated solely for attaining Krishna, while the other three must subserve this purpose. O, the terrible sinner that I am, -why in the whole ocean-girdled Earth did you choose me for your compassion?

Our lord Ramanjua, who exhorted all to worship the first-Lord alone, made a person out of me in this world. O, what a blessing in my life has happened to me!

rAmAnuja nOOTRandAdi

rammanuja Now I shall nootraandadi want. Having attained him, my nootranfadi does not think of anyone else. Having secured his protection, no more shall I stand and suffer at the door of meanmortals singing their praises as “O, wealth-pouring rain-cloud”. No more shall tire myself running after heartless ones, craving for their affection and calling them my relatives. After Ramanuja’s birth on this Earth, the path of righteousness has been established, the heretic six schools ramanuja nootrandadi thought have been erased, the terrible kali vanquished.

He is our lord and our master. Those who understood this have received your grace in such great ramanuja nootrandadi as you have given to me today. After taking refuge in our Kurattalvar, -his glory is beyond our words, -who takes us out of the piffalls ramanuja nootrandadi deceptive knowledge, Ramanuja nootrandadi sing the praise ramanuja nootrandadi Ramanuja who lifts me above sin. My heart does not think of anything other than the extreme benevolence of Ramanuja.


ramanuja nootrandadi The faulty nootranradi that the proponents ramanuja nootrandadi dark-Agamas expound lead only to darkness and noitrandadi, To rid the world of that darkness, Ramanuja showered his benevolent grace and expounded that the Lord or Arangam is the master of all souls.

Ramanuja changed our life of darkness and despair and gave us the mind to understand his greatness. He came as a manikin then and strode ramanuja nootrandadi Earth with great feet, O. I have something to ask of you. How can karma ever approach me?

Those who noorrandadi refuge in Ramanuja display such excellence as I cannot ramanuja nootrandadi in this wide world. Ramanuja always wore the Alvar’s feet-lotus as a garland on himself. I served the fireless devotees of your perfect feet. The good ones who preserve the Vedas will always sing his praise.

Pulling out the weeds of my karmic birth, he gives me a good harvest of ripe knowledge. Posted ramanuja nootrandadi nkotrandadi ramanuja nootrandadi To all those who seek refuge in him, our Ramanuja gives the fruits of his penance, wealth and compassion, and ends the misery of repeated karmic births, then grants the high seat ramanuja nootrandadi Vaikunta.

He shall never let me down. My heart melts to think of your good qualities.