The Latin term puer aeternus means eternal youth. In Jungian psychology it is used to describe a certain type of man – charming, affectionate, creative and ever . of the blending of archetypes and history, see Emma Jung and von Franz’s The . Marie-Louise von Franz, in her classic study of the puer aeternus. M-L von Franz characterizes the puer aeternus: Precisely because the puer entertains false pretensions, he becomes collectivized from within, with the result .

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The one thing dreaded throughout by such a type of man is to be bound to anything whatever. Thus, Christian faith has served as a bulwark against pagan and naive mentality, which conflates the spiritual with the worldly.

Still i did not find it very interesting. The IS warriors who travel from Europe to join the Islamists, are mostly recruited from the puer group. When the still-point is finally reached, even if only for a moment, it is unmistakable. He can see both worlds and will shows us the inner one if we wish. Jan 17, Michael Mayer rated it really liked it. What do we need the facts of reality for?

It wasn’t an easy read, my book is completely marked and highlighted which is something rather uncommon for me to do. It underlies puer aeternus von franz prevailing cultural and moral relativism in the Western world. It appears to have lost its self-confidence.

In the poem, Ovid addresses puer aeternus von franz child-god Iacchus as puer aeternus and praises him for his role in the Eleusinian mysteries. It even poses a threat to Western civilization. They have a very hard time actually saying much Not what I hoped, but still interesting in its own right.


But puer aeternus von franz is a caricature of Christian religion, which does not consign the believer to a life of reverie. The movement necessary to turn our attention back away from the outer and inner movies of the mind and senses is found to be also something real, and not a thought or concept at all.

Maurice Nicoll referred to the puer as the intermediary, the child who links us to the eternal. This book looks at a certain kind of man and offers insights.

The Puer Aeternus – underminer of civilization

fraz There is nothing special whatsoever. It effected the disentanglement of consciousness from the archetypes of the unconscious, which was puer aeternus von franz for the advancement of a realistic consciousness. She also wrote on subjects such as alchemy, discussed from the Jungian, psychological perspective, and active imagination, which could be described as conscious dreaming.

If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses. Although the puer is puer aeternus von franz capable of carrying a job, he is incapable of taking a passionate interest in it. Franz is a Jungian analyst who gave lectures at the C. As an archetype the puer aeternus is something valuable and wonderful, although identification leads to tragic consequences.

Two of her books, Number puer aeternus von franz Time and Psyche and Matter deal with this research. Lists with This Book.

Psychoanalysis has always underestimated the constitutional differences of human beings. A Prime Minister who says such things about his own country and people cannot be of sound mind.

Its spineless and disjointed syncretism pervades all our social and mental life.


What Went Wrong – Over the past 20 years, Michael Jackson went from being the biggest star in the world to a reclusive broken man. In case he is married, it is a provisional arrangement, too.

The Puer Aeternus

It is sometimes difficult for immigrants to adapt to a new culture, which leads to rootlessness. See All Goodreads Deals…. It puer aeternus von franz on an incapability of taking root in life. Barrie ‘s Peter Pan. Of this novel von Franz says:.

My first contact with Von Franz was through documentaries and I must say, she intimidated me deeply. We may think because we believe in an ideal such as the betterment of our fellow man that we are somehow automatically above the fray, that our every action is justified, because the means justifies the end for the chosen few.

The problem for the person deeply influenced by the puer archetype is how to balance these two forces without becoming identified with puer aeternus von franz, the puer being the positive identification and the disciplined intellect manifesting negatively as the shadow.

What we actually do everyday tells us much about what we value, and perhaps shows us the gap between our personal storyline and puer aeternus von franz actions.

Yet, with the advent of modern times, people began to leave the embrace of the church.