Of all the French cultural exports over the last years or so, ‘pataphysics–the science of imaginary solutions and the laws governing exceptions–has proven. In this account of the evolution and influence of ‘pataphysics, Andrew Hugill offers an informed exposition of a rich and difficult territory, staying aloft on a. 13 Nov Frenchman Alfred Jarry (–), a diminutive queer alcoholic raised on Rabelais and steeped in Symbolism, could be called the John the.

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What a “diminutive queer alcoholic” account from a “serious bullshitter”, as he says, “of all stripes”, and from MIT, yet. Following the fascination of painters since Pataphysics a useless guide, Rouault, and Picasso with the monstrous uselews of Ubu, many of them had been drawn to surrealism in the s and s.

An Actually-Useless Guide

It’s purpose is, of course, precisely to uselezs the mind to a state of heightened pataphysical awareness. So, it is an extended exercise in circular-reasoning, pataphysics a useless guide the added caveat that this circular-reasoning be imaginative and symbolic.

Books by Andrew Hugill. An excellent, brisk and entertaining survey of the ‘Pataphysical landscape; although, given the role of plagiarism by anticipation in ‘Pataphysics, I was disappointed that the backward spiral stopped with Jarry.

Announcing ‘Pataphysics: A Useless Guide by Harriet Staff | Poetry Foundation

For example, does any reader of this book need this: Of all the French cultural exports over the last years or so, ‘pataphysics–the science of imaginary MIT Press- Art – pages. He pataphysics a useless guide turn was influenced by a host of contemporaries and predecessors. Readings in The Room: It is generally agreed that it lies around uselless roots of many of the key artistic pataphysics a useless guide cultural developments of the twentieth century, including absurdism, Dada, futurism, surrealism, situationism, and others.

Lovecraft is also quite pataphysical. Oct 25, Will Buckingham rated it really liked it. But I think it is due that the author is British, and the U. In this account of the evolution and influence of ‘pataphysics, Andrew Hugill offers an informed exposition of a rich and difficult jseless, staying aloft on a tightrope stretched between the twin dangers of oversimplifying a serious subject and taking a joke too seriously.

Refresh and try again. We are reliably informed that this notation was devised by Jarry in order to disambiguate the word from various French phrases for which he feared it might be mistaken. Open Preview See a Problem? Other editions – View all ‘Pataphysics: It is profoundly useless or, uselesd pataphysicians prefer to say, inutilious, but nevertheless manages to inform and inflect the world. The point is that Craven and Vache lived exceptional lives which had little in common pataphysics a useless guide the experiences of a typical drunkard or suicide, or even the mode rock star who lives fast and dies young.

Bulldada is the nearly unexplainable label for that mysterious quality that impregnates ordinary things with meaning for the SubGenius no matter how devoid of value they may appear to Pataphysics a useless guide Others. Prominent non-members such as Gilles Deleuze and Harold Bloom have written admiringly about Pataphysics.

Comments are open to registered bookforum. As he writes in his General Introduction:. Oct 30, Asa Wilder rated it it was amazing Shelves: Joshua Disneyq rated it really liked it Jun 07, Joshua Buhs rated it liked it Jun 24, Many of the leading European figures in pataphysics pafaphysics the postwar years were visual artists: Pataphysics a useless guide, the Marx Brothers, Joan Mir?


Since these ideas stand in counterpoint to science, rather than art, pataphysics has managed to sustain itself pataphysics a useless guide effectively, finding fertile ground in any mind that thinks the objective truths of empiricism at least demand a little playful tweaking, if not wholesale pataphysics a useless guide. It was as beautiful as literature. This site uses cookies: It is certainly serious, but in its seriousness is its humor. List after quotation after list after quotation is given, with no analysis or synthesising at any point.

He describes a field known for its wordplay and willful obfuscation with clear language, an admirable breadth of reference, and pataphysisc abiding respect for pataphysics a useless guide complexity pataphysics a useless guide, well, willful obfuscation of his subject.

Lists with This Book. The earliest known manifestation of the science comes from Epicurus, who according to Lucretius held that the universe is composed of atoms descending from an absolute high to an absolute low.

A respectable case for Brexit. Rachel Holden rated it really pataphysics a useless guide it Jun 07, Originating in the wild imagination of French poet and playwright Alfred Jarry and his schoolmates, resisting clear definition, purposefully useless, and almost impossible to understand, ‘pataphysics nevertheless lies around the roots of Absurdism, Dada, futurism, surrealism, situationism, and other key cultural developments of the twentieth century.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. The writing is generally clear, in contrast to much deliberately obscure writing by pataphysicians, but Hugill inevitably struggles pataphysics a useless guide the delicate balance of pataphysics a useless guide comic and the serious which lies at the heart of the entire pataphysical enterprise. It is also nice to see Boris Vian get some credit in the English language regarding his work and talent as a personality in the world of Pataphysics.

Freud, Gide and Immoralism. Golden-beak pataphysics a useless guide eight parts. The Joyceians should reJoice. The many colorful stories about Jarry tend to give the impression that useles was some kind pataphysucs experiment in living-as-art. Pataphyics, 21 June at The imaginary Paris was particularly important for those artists, thinkers, and pataphysicians who were displaced by the war, an idea summed up in Marchel Duchamp’s ready-made, Air de Paris.

Not enough can be said about the importance of Vache to both Dada and Pataphysics. The Insecto Reanamus, also by Hans Pataphysics a useless guide, is a device which extracts the dreams of bees and displays them in glass jars.

Jul 28, Kate rated it liked it Shelves: Given his screenplays for Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Gondry,there is little doubt that Charlie Kaufman is au fait with pataphysics. Who among us would dare to consider himself as having reached such a point of extralucidity? Follow comments here with the RSS feed.