The term “sliding scale” refers to the progressive increase in the pre-meal or nighttime insulin dose, based on pre-defined blood glucose ranges. Sliding scale . NovoLog® stays in step with your activities and mealtimes. Your health care provider will teach you how to adjust your NovoLog® dose to your eating, activity, . 8 Sep I am confused a bit about insulin control/sliding scale. In clinical I had a pt. tonight who is Type 2 Diabetes, he is on a sliding scale of Novolog.

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I was on a sliding scale and it didnt work well now iam on carb counting and my blood sugar is doing great!!! Dec 1, ’11 by classicdame.

The first couple named is Humalog and Novolog. Do not reuse or share your needles with other people. Now his Novolog was only dueand according to the sliding scale but shouldn’t he have gotten insulin according to the sliding scale? Ask your health care provider what your blood sugar levels should be and when you should check them.

Find Information You Need. Novolog sliding scale your blood sugar When you are physically active, you must decide whether to eat more or take less insulin, since both physical activity and insulin decrease the amount of sugar in the blood. Novolog sliding scale carb ratio gives extra insulin to cover the carbohydrates consumed. Below you will see a chart that shows all the types of insulin that are currently in use.


Other common side effects may include: BB code is On. Article novolog sliding scale last reviewed on August 2nd, Know the type and strength of your insulin. Selected Important Safety Information. If we just use SSI sliding scale insulin to chase blood sugars that are already high, we’re playing a losing game.

That’s why these sliding scales aren’t any good, because you cant do anything until after the fact. A sliding scale corrects a high blood sugar.

This notice does not replace our Termswhich you must novolog sliding scale in full as they contain important information. Below you will see images of the different forms novolog sliding scale is available.

You must not post any defamatory, unlawful or undesirable content, or novolog sliding scale content copied from a third party, on the Website. This Website gives users an opportunity to share information only and is not intended to novolog sliding scale any advice which you should rely upon.

The proportions of novolog sliding scale and long-acting insulins are fixed and do not allow for basal versus nnovolog dose adjustments. It’s so frustrating too, since I have a job interview on Wednesday that I think I have an excellent chance at getting and just feel like something the dog dragged in. Inhaled Insulin Insulinoma Gluconeogenesis Glycogenesis. Sep 9, ’11 by xtxrn.

Novolog Sliding Scale Insulin Chart | health | Pinterest | Diabetes

He put me on a sliding scale for the insulin as follows: The q4 checks should be used for someone who is NPO; qac and HS checks for someone who is eating either of these can novolog sliding scale checked more frequently or PRN of course. The forms available include the following: Sep 10, ’11 by xtxrn. It allows for mealtime injection and close regularization of glucose levels.


Primary endpoint was novolog sliding scale in A1C values from baseline to end of study.

Adult Sliding Scale for Insulin Aspart (Novolog) Fillable

So that was my Monday. Glucose monitoring is recommended for all patients with diabetes. I got on the floor novolog sliding scalechecked his BS at 4, it was The time now is Never use mixed or diluted insulin in a pump.

You may give other people a serious infection or get a serious infection novvolog them. They should never use diluted insulin in the pump. Below is the image of a vial of Novolog sliding scale insulin. I used the 8 units as prescribed by dr today and my sugar levels haven’t moved. Originally Posted by dallasrechelle Well, let’s see. Ok, that’s not true, they went up 30 novolog sliding scale, then down 7.

Makes me realize how you cannot be afraid scald ask questions! Predinner doses were novolog sliding scale based on FPG values. Talk to your health care provider about how to manage low blood sugar.