15 Jun NAVAIR T Summary of Applicable Technical Directives Information relating to the following recent technical directives has been. 13 Jan Aircraft Refueling NATOPS Manual, NAVAIR T Accounting and stock control procedures are not included in this handbook or in the. 15 Jan NAVAIRINST 28 Nov Establishment of . NAVAIR T CH-1 01 Jul US Navy Support NAVAIR T 01 Jun

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Never use gasoline as a cleaning agent. Open air supply outlet valve.


Chief of Naval Operations. If it is necessary that equipment be on for warm-up prior to navair 00-80t-109 immediate launch, be sure that it is not transmitting.

When fueling or defueling aircraft, a PQS qualified member of the Aviation Fuels Javair shall be present to ensure all operations are conducted per navair 00-80t-109 instructions. Classification of sample and tests required see paragraph 3. Deliver these samples to the quality assurance laboratory for immediate analysis. Upon receiving signals from the nozzle operator that the plane captain is navair 00-80t-109 to begin fueling operation, the station operator opens the appropriate valve for air-capable ship only.

On ship the primary means of detecting successful precheck is by observing the flow indicator 6. Turbine meters may be used for larger volume 00-80y-109 transfers such as navair 00-80t-109 ships, barges, or pipeline transfers.

Manual water drain valve from the bottom of the water sump. A complete kit consisting of metal shipping container, cushioning material inner-packand four 1-quart sample bottles, NSN The following precautions apply: Such records shall be used to monitor equipment performance as well as to provide an audit trail. Each log shall be reviewed by the supervisor, CPO and Maintenance Officer daily navair 00-80t-109 kept in division navair 00-80t-109 for 6 months.


Report all navair 00-80t-109 in any portion of the fuel handling system. Not refuel, defuel, or drain aircraft, or conduct fuel handling operations in a hangar or confined area, except for the removal of water and the extraction of samples from navair 00-80t-109 low point drains. SPR aircraft refueling nozzle with straight body.

Bond overwing gravity refueling nozzles to the aircraft using a separate bonding pigtail before tanks caps are removed. Navair 00-80t-109 procedures contained navair 00-80t-109 in this chapter shall be followed as appropriate.

The HIFR nozzle navairr be attached to the recirculation adapter and flushed with fuel. Tests have proven them incapable of igniting vapors, even if accidentally dropped or the light bulb is crushed. The pressure control device on every refueling system must react quickly enough to limit this surge pressure to below psi. navair 00-80t-109


Each over-the-wing nozzle shall have permanently attached a flexible navair 00-80t-109 wire of suitable length terminating with a plug type connector. This is because Naval aircraft can be refueled up to 55 psig while Army aircraft allow either 15 navair 00-80t-109 or 55 psig, depending on model. Take sample if needed for quality surveillance checks.

This rig incorporates a manual breakaway that requires a helicopter crewmember to pull a lanyard to effect breakaway. Device that limits fuel pressure entering the aircraft to a set maximum.


These requirements are the minimum and shall not preclude more frequent or extensive testing should contamination be suspected. All samples sent to a fuel navair 00-80t-109 laboratory shall be individually tagged navaig a label see Figure A-4 containing the following minimum information: In order to minimize the health dangers, navair 00-80t-109 handling personnel shall: Plastic bottles suitable for navair 00-80t-109 particulate and free water samples are available in two sizes: Figures and illustrate the major features of these two systems.

The FMO must also develop and coordinate, with the appropriate activity official navaura preventive maintenance program that addresses all fuel storage facilities and dispensing equipment including 00-80t-09, fill stands, piping valves, pumps, electrical installations, and mobile and fixed refuelers.

The FMO shall be responsible for initiating the investigation and formulating corrective actions. These nozzles can fit onto Army helicopters adapters, but they regulate pressure to 45 psig in contrast to the standard 15 psig Army requirement. It is the responsibility of the activity submitting samples to a laboratory to provide the laboratory with navair 00-80t-109 desired distribution of reports in accordance with paragraph 9. Secure all electronic and electrical switches not required navsir defueling.