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Franz Bardon összes műve

The first two drabato, addressing the first two Tarots, are pre-requisite to understanding and making use of the third work. A learned man will be able to say a lot about magic, Quaballah, etc. Bardon’s works are most notable for their simplicity, their relatively small theoretical sections, and heavy emphasis on practice with many exercises. Though the book lists its author as Bardon, it was actually written by his secretary, Otti Votavova.

Bardon continued his work in the fields of Hermetics until when he was arrested and imprisoned in BrnoCzechoslovakia. Beyond that it offers a glimpse into a complete magical universe. He was incarnated in his last physical life as a wise man from the mountains named Mahum Tah-Ta. Where the akasha is in a sense the world of ideas, it is the mental plane that sets these ideas in motion.

Such things as astral projection are still possible as they only involve loosening the hold between the bodies. Initiation into Hermetics is divided into 10 practical steps. This page was last edited on 2 Septemberat He was born in OpavaAustrian Silesia.

Franz Bardon – Wikipedia

The Physical exercises stress physical health and development as well as the integration and use of the physical body and physical environment. What is clear in the light of the information as brought to us by some people source?

The idea is that the True Kabbalah is not a mantic art, as some perceptions of it primarily relating to gematria suggest, but a method of empowering the letters of the alphabet to create magical frabaho through their combination.


This book was supposed to have concerned the fourth leaf or trump card of the Tarot the Emperor. Bardon expands on this real possibility with the following advice Franz Bardon 1 December — 10 July was a Czech occultist and student and teacher of Hermetics. Bardon himself says that it is. While some elements of the story are based on Bardon’s real life experience, most of the book was written as an occult novel with much embellishment on the part of Votavova.

Each of these worlds forms a matrix for the world below it. Bardon outlines a totally new and original hierarchy of magic, from the spirits of the four elements to those of the various planets, and even to each degree of the Zodiac. This is an important point, as the power of the magician increases, so his ability to do mayiar — even unintentionally, increases.

Bardon is best known for his three volumes on Hermetic magic. This concept is the basis of much of Bardon’s training, which requires developing deficiencies and coming to a proper tetrapolar balance—only then could the initiate progress spiritually.

And because of that, more magical power as a side effect. Also, there occurs magar purification of the personality, where the magician should become incapable of wishing harm to his fellow man. Humans are considered to be special because they alone are ” tetrapolar “, or inherently containing all four elements, plus the fifth, the Akasha or Divine element.

There remains no complete transcript of the works. It also describes sinister occult forces which lay behind the rise of the Third Reich.

In magical terms, the book is a practical guide to the proper evocation of and communication with divine entities existing frabzto the atmospheric zones surrounding planets, stars, and moon as well as in the earth itself. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. The three worlds or “planes” are frxbato follows: It is a modern study of direct contact with the universal teachers — the other major works in the field are products of the MedievalRenaissanceand Reformation periods.


This article needs additional citations for verification.

In the Spanish Edition by, [4] there are false information published about Adolf Hitler, who is said to have belonged to Lodge 99 and to the Thule Order of Tibetan black magicians. Please help improve this article by adding citations frzbato reliable sources. Bardon’s metaphysical system commences with Initiation Into Hermetics and is expanded on in the subsequent volumes.

The result of the practical exercises is the development of occult abilities which can be of benefit to the student, in as far as changing his existence for the better. These are expressed in the positive and negative aspects of the four elements. Bardon also posited “electric” and “magnetic” forces, which are used more as terms frabto the universal active and passive forces, respectively.

In essence, the magician creates an environment hospitable to the entity in the temple or other medium of contact. Thousands of years this secret has been guarded.

They then enter a tranceprojecting their consciousness into the sphere of the entity in question, and call it back.

Frabato the Magician is a novelised biography of Franz Bardon written by Bardon’s secretary Otti Votavova, though attributed to Bardon himself. These four elements make up the sum of all forces and processes in each of the three worlds.

They were written with the intention of allowing students who wished to practice magic the means to do so if they could not study under a teacher.