The origin of the Direct Laryngoscopy Video System. Our video system is considered the best practice for laryngoscopy, intubation, oxygenation, and surgical. The latest Tweets from Richard Levitan (@airwaycam). Airway obsessed ED doc passionate about larynx and mountains. Live free or die there are greater evils. Overall goals and objectives: 1. Review airway anatomy pertinent to mask ventilation, supraglottic airways, laryngoscopy, and intubation. 2.

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Rapid-sequence intubation with careful attention to lfvitan pharmacology also reduces the risk of vomiting…. Also appreciated the history given by Dr Levitan, some of those guys were really smart. Thus, inability to palpate anatomic landmarks should not be interpreted as meaning that this procedure is impossible or contraindicated.

Tracheal intubation is then confirmed using capnography or an esophageal detector device.

Levitan pointed out that there are different designs of the MAC4 blade, with wide variation in the size of the base. Intubating patients in reverse trendelenberg will make gravity work in your favor. Like Us on Facebook.

Own the Airway! • LITFL

Want to hear more from Dr. Tracheal clicking elicits tactile vibrations, which confirm tracheal placement of the bougie. Still the best airway lecture ever. The Glidescope has recently developed a standard geometry blade, and other products are on the horizon as well. Rich Levitan airwau one of the best teachers on the skills of laryngoscopy—or as he would probably put it, epiglottoscopy.

10 Pearls from the Levitan Airway Course

It was a teriffic course, which I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their airway management skills. When I trained, there were two options: Thanks Scott for the video and handout. While you wait for help to arrive, your options include percutaneous needle airwaj as demonstrated by Andrew Heard:.


If you enjoyed this post, you levitwn almost certainly enjoy our others. Racine SX, et al Yep, game changing way to think about laryngoscopy.

Like Us on Facebook. Thus, it’s useful to have a pre-planned approach about how to optimize laryngeal exposure. If airwah have the chance Don, I recommend taking his cadaver-lab class in Baltimore; well worth it. Subscribe to our email list to keep informed on all of the Resuscitation and Critical Care goodness.

T- runs out of the mouth airwway if you breath in with gastric contents in the mouth—they will go into the airway thus only matters in paralyzed patients ; Revere T- using gravity and regurgitation won’t make it to the airway ie less abd contents pushing on stomach, etc.

Emergency Airway Management Part 3: Rocuronium was the favored paralytic agent in this course this has been previously leviyan in the epic video by Rubin Strayer below.

Own the Airway!

EP Monthly Dec 9, However, Levitan has persuaded me that the standard-geometry blade with video capability is the best way to go for most cases, since this combines the power of direct laryngoscopy with video laryngoscopy in a single tool.

An oslerphile emergency physician and intensivist suffering from a bad case of knowledge dipsosis. Paradoxically, many of the patients who need a cric will have poorly palpable neck anatomy. Issues such as endotracheal tube placement, suctioning the airway, and clearing foreign bodies are easier with a more direct approach. We are the EMCrit Projecta team of independent medical bloggers and podcasters joined together by our common love of cutting-edge care, iconoclastic ramblings, and FOAM.


Will implement from now on. Levitan for a great course and permission to write this blog. Accessed on December 31st Out of Hospital cardiac arrest grade 4 view on Obese patient.

Levitan also promotes sitting up the obese patient, such that the ears and the anterior chest wall are on the same horizontal plane. See this video on the EMCrit Blog. In the heat of the moment, there is a risk of initiating laryngoscopy before the patient is completely paralyzed, thus increasing the risk of vomiting.

10 Pearls from the Levitan Airway Course

Oxygenation for levitaj intubation. Levitan’s airway course in Baltimore. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Here are Rich Levitan’s Slides. Procedure Videos for Emergency Medicine.

The traditional approach to direct laryngoscopy with a Macintosh blade is to start on the right side levian the mouth and sweep the tongue out of the way before proceeding to look for the epiglottis. I find this to be a useful manoeuvre, if you have the courage to really do it- the very heavy patient will be almost sitting upright!

Why the heck not? Emergency Ventilation in 11 Minutes from reuben strayer on Vimeo. Learn how your comment data is processed. The bougie should be your best friend in the emergency department!