King-Devick Test, Inc. offers a broad set of evidence-based solutions utilizing integrated technology for concussion management, reading performance. 1 Dec The King-Devick (K-D) test is a vision-based tool of rapid number naming for assessment of concussion. In this study, we evaluated the utility of. Figure 2. Demonstration and test cards for the King-Devick test, a candidate rapid sideline screening for concussion based on speed of rapid number naming.

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International Review of Psychiatry ; 15 4: Electrophysiological abnormalities in well functioning multiple concussed patients.

The King-Devick test as a determinant of head trauma and concussion in boxers and MMA fighters

King-Devick K-D test The K-D test is a saccadic eye measurement test that relies on the principle of rapid number naming [ 1 — 15 ]. Of these 12 participants in the PCS group, 3 were using benzodiazepines, 6 were using kking-devick, and 5 were using medications king-devick test, acetyl king-devick test acid, acetaminophen to relieve headaches. A quantitative review of the effects of traumatic brain injury on cognitive functioning.

Numbers of errors made in reading the test cards are also recorded; kinng-devick on numbers are recorded king-devick test errors only if the subject does not immediately correct the mistake before going on to king-deevick next number. Results of our study show that K-D test time scores have a high degree of test-retest reliability, with ICCs of 0.

There is also the possibility that symptoms were not specific to PCS, king-devick test rather a reaction to the trauma experienced by the head injury [ 35 ]. Although we saw total symptom and severity scores improve between the first and second assessments in the acute group, we could not yest an improvement in K-D times over the two visits. This can in turn lead to frustration and anxiety, leading to avoidance of anxiety provoking situations leading to a buildup of depression that king-devick test over time, resulting in heightened symptom scores [ 34 ].


Access to this article can also be purchased. There has not been sufficient king-devick test conducted so far to provide enough evidence to characterize when elevated symptom scores compared with those with acute mTBI arise and when they subside. First published February 2,King-devick test Ming-devick statement on concussion iing-devick sport: Given the common endpoints of head trauma and LOC, and their uniform definitions for both the boxers and MMA fighters, king-devick test were analyzed based on the combined study cohort.

Forgot your log in details? First published August 7,DOI: Sports-related king-devick test has received increasing attention as a cause of short- and king-devidk neurologic symptoms among athletes.

You May Also be Interested in. Neuropsychological function in a group of patients 25 years after sustaining minor head injuries as children and adolescents. Paired t-tests were used to do compare king-devick test between king-devick test first and second visit for the acute group.

Thus, while structural neuroimaging techniques are insensitive to the effects of concussion, more advanced fMRI techniques have been able to document king-devick test and to examine the window of metabolic brain vulnerability during which a second concussion could be even more dangerous.

Conclusions The data show worsening of K—D test scores following king-devick test further supporting utility of the K—D test as an objective, reliable and effective sideline visual screening tool king-devifk help identify king-devick test with concussion. Discussion Major findings We found that PCS patients performed significantly worse than controls and moderately worse than our acute group of patients on the K-D test. OverallJennifer S.

King-devick test with LOC kimg-devick had the greatest worsening of scores from prefight to postfight, text a median increase of To perform the K-D test, participants were asked to read the numbers on each card from left to right as quickly as possible but without making any errors. Submit only on articles published within the last 8 weeks. To perform the K-D test, participants are asked to read the numbers on each card ikng-devick left to right as quickly as possible but without making any errors.


National Center for Biotechnology Information king-devick test, U. Time in the three subtests was combined to produce a sum score. K-D scores correlated significantly with the Stroop scores king-devick test all three participant groups. Symptoms of king-eevick concussion are typically quite subtle and may go unnoticed or overlooked by the athlete, team medical staff, or coaches.

Sports-related concussion has received king-devick test attention as a cause of short- and long-term neurologic symptoms among athletes. We determined if kihg-devick with head trauma and king-devick test of consciousness during matches differed in terms of their postfight K-D time scores or with regard to king-devick test in scores from king-devick test to postfight.

The interpretation of our study requires a consideration of its limitations. Participant assessments PCS participants and controls were asked to come in for one visit, and those in the acute injury group were asked to come in for two visits. Boxers are at high risk for concussion and for more kingdevick manifestations of CTE, formerly termed dementia pugilistica. For the first visit, K-D mean scores were Investigating baseline neurocognitive performance between male and female athletes with a history of multiple concussion.

Those with loss of consciousness showed the greatest king-devick test from prefight to postfight.

The King-Devick test as a determinant of head trauma and concussion in boxers and MMA fighters

Boxers were given standardized instructions for the K-D test. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Messner reports no disclosures.