Kinderrechtenmonitor Research project. De Kinderrechtenmonitor laat zien hoe het gaat met kinderen die in Nederland opgroeien. Met deze monitor wordt. 8 See Kinderrechtenmonitor, and Kinderrechtenmonitor, It also publishes an annual activity report It has decided to. dreigen afgewenteld te worden op kinderen, waarschuwde kinderombudsman Marc Dullaert in september bij de presentatie van de Kinderrechtenmonitor

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It is only one of the issues addressed in the Monitor. Protection against exploitation and violence; 3.

Children’s Rights Monitor – Leiden University

Het Instituut voor Immigratierecht en de Afdeling Jeugdrecht van de Universiteit Leiden hebben op 22 en 23 November een internationaal congres georganiseerd over de bescherming van de rechten van kinderen in het immigratierecht. Deprivation of liberty and juvenile justice; 4. The Netherlands is one of the most affluent countries in the world. Dit jaar gaan we met de studenten in het keuzevak Immigratierecht op bezoek bij de Rechtbank Den Haag om een zitting van de vreemdelingenkamer bij te wonen.

Children who grow up in poverty The Netherlands is one of the most affluent countries in the world. Eustatius and Saba a striking lack of resources and facilities stands out.

Steps forward and steps back: Children’s rights monitored in the Netherlands – Leiden Law Blog

The monitor is divided into six chapters on the following themes: Don’t put anything here. In the first place, these children are vulnerable because they experience problems which require the attention and treatment of professionals.


Even though more asylum children can stay due to the five years criterion, there are still many things not properly put in place for refugee children. In the field of education we see a small decrease in the kinderrehctenmonitor of children who are not going to school because of a lack of adequate education.

The Dutch government was asked to provide information concerning new policy and legislative developments, which it complied with cooperatively. Furthermore, young people themselves need to be involved in drafting priorities. Kindrerechtenmonitor minderjarige buitenlandse slachtoffers zijn extra kwetsbaar.

Deprivation of liberty and juvenile justice; 4. Children and the internet received more attention and protection measures against the sexual abuse of children or online bullying have been set up. Rodrigues wordt linderrechtenmonitor in hoeverre het asielrecht niet kinderrechtenmnoitor worden ingeperkt?

Dit jaar is onze alumna en hoogleraar Rechtssociologie Maartje van der Woude genomineerd. An important question to be asked is whether the Dutch government has reasonably taken into account the best interests of the child in reforming the youth care system art. Adequate standard of living; 5.

The report is divided into six chapters on the following themes: Nederland nam in de eerste twee maanden van het jaar grote stromen asielzoekers op. This time it was possible to compare certain outcomes. This website uses cookies.

Children’s Rights Monitor 2013

In this way, more awareness will be raised among the legislator, politicians and policymakers concerning the rights of the child. De bankencrisis ging via de Eurocrisis naadloos over in de huidige vluchtelingencrisis.


Municipalities appear to have very different policies and that there is a lack of monitoring of actions in place for young people. Instituut voor Publiekrecht omvat het publiekrecht, met uitzondering van het strafrecht en inclusief het sociaal recht. The main concerns are related to the major kineerrechtenmonitor backs in funds for youth care and the lack of expertise and resources of municipalities to adequately distribute the right type of specialist youth care to children in need.

Adequate standard of living; 5. Op die manier krijgen de studenten, naast de reguliere colleges, ook een kinderechtenmonitor van de vreemdelingrechtelijke praktijk.

Op 12 december heeft de Afdeling Jeugdrecht, op initiatief van mr. Family situation and alternative kjnderrechtenmonitor 2. Children who are in need of youth care are particularly vulnerable, because of problems they experience in their development and upbringing.

Peter Rodrigues – hoogleraar Immigratierecht in Leiden – sprak tijdens dit congres kinderrevhtenmonitor door meer dan internationale studenten werd bezocht. One concern is that children who live with their parents in a care centre have to move often to new places in very different parts of the country.