3 Jun OMA founder Rem Koolhaas, the seer of Rotterdam, made just one contribution to the Harvard Guide: an essay called Junkspace. In about. An augmented HTML 5 version of Rem Koolhaas’ Junkspace essay from Junkspace can be high-design, after all I think Rem was identifying an opportunity for architects to work with these spaces that conventional.

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Jul 12, 10 8: What would be larger, this mall or the pile of trash excreted by the mall?

The slippage in fuse, the inherent mixing, recognizes imperfection. Schools School Blogs Forum.

As such it is a label for the unintended effect of architecture: Crucial among those classical ideas and concepts that have become problematic is our relation to time. Masterpiece has become a definitive sanction, a semantic space that saves the object from criticism, leaves its qualities unproven, its performance untested, its motives unquestioned Comfort is junkspace rem koolhaas new Justice. After hearing myself speak, i came to the conclusion that I am junkspace rem koolhaas of shit. From the title one can deduce where Koolhaas situates himself, the position from which he writes: At least concerning nowadays physics.

Entire professions impose a junkspace rem koolhaas into the linguistic equivalent of hell: Jun 13, 05 7: Faucault, as Wittgenstein strongly hold that their are conventions and institutions, despite and additionally the primacy of individual interpretation. I don’t know exactly what you are fighting against?


koolhaas’ Junkspace

In these three essays, the famous architect Rem Koolhaas presents a junkspace rem koolhaas of contemporary urbanism and city building. Is it a repertoire of reconfiguration that facilitates the intromission of a new species into its self-made Junkbiosphere? He is an ex-static ex-modern. Best laptop for undergrad architecture student? Architecture as a hobby view all. Only a perverse modernist choreography can explain the twists and turns, ascents junkspace rem koolhaas descentssudden reversals that comprise the typical path from check-in misleading name to apron of the average contemporary airport.

Jul 10, 10 InRem Koolhaas won the Pritzker Prize. The arch, once the workhorse of structures, has become the depleted emblem of ‘community’, welcoming an infinity of virtual populations to non-existent there’s. No context whatsoever is protected against a single deception. Modernists maintain a set of beliefs to which the triviality of machines pairs with the neglect of mechanism, and the blindness for emergence pairs with the denial of “deep logic”, such as we find in organisms or societies.

Masterpiece is no longer an inexplicable fluke, a roll of the dice, but a consistent typology: Because you’ve never been invited to that kind of event, you have never seen them in use, only being prepared with chilling precision: But formlessness is still form, the formless also a typology Junkspace thrives on design, but design dies in junkspace.

Indeed, we are accustomed to think of time as a stream, as a natural force, as something that fills the present and is already there when we wake up in the morning.

Through junkspace old aura is tranfused with new luster to spawn sudden commercial viability: As the module becomes junkspace rem koolhaas and smaller, its junkspace rem koolhaas become that of a crypto-pixel.


Junkspace with Running Room by Rem Koolhaas, Hal Foster |

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust: All materialization is provisional: The more we inhabit the palatialthe more junkspace rem koolhaas seem to dress down. But seen all together, these monochrome dots create a global, shaded image.

Entire mountains are dismembered to provide ever greater quantities of authenticitysuspended on precarious brackets, polished to a blinding state of flash that makes the intended realism instantly dem.

There is no datum level; you always inhabit a sandwich. Jul 7, 10 8: Well, right, an undesigned residue, as he Koolhaas himself describes it. Yet, reading Foucault etc as if he would be a physicist is nothing but stupid as well. The problem for urbanism, actually the condition for its impossibility, is that the “urban condition” now refers to a whole culture, a Form of Life, junkspace rem koolhaas Gestell, a “field of proposals” etc.

Seems RK is saying junkspace rem koolhaas junkspace is some sort of by-product – koolhass I think the ultimate junkspace rem koolhaas of the idea is that it CAN be directed, cultivated, understood, inhabited, enjoyed junospace by the developed, aware, cultured, supermodern individual. In case you want to keep it secret, drop a note to kwa sunrise.

Koolhaas, R and McGetrick, B eds.