Practiced raconteur Archer (Kane & Abel) engagingly presents the rags-to- riches story of Charlie Trumper, a man who learns to buy and sell by working at his. As the Crow Flies [Jeffrey Archer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Growing up in the slums of East End London, Charlie Trumper dreams. Charlie’s progress from the teeming streets of Whitechapel to the elegance of Chelsea Terrace is only a few miles as the crow flies. But in Jeffrey Archer’s expert.

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He is married to Mary Archer, a scientist specialising in solar power. Charlie studies the problems, and makes recommendations.


Charlie is the youngest of the family, and has three older sisters. Once satisfied that Charlie is a hard worker and is generating business, combined with his lack of other employment options, he accepts the offer.

Many authors have made their books long– but end up just filling the pages with fluff They find out that Charlie’s tales of parliament and committees were a fabrication. OH my what do I say. Invited to the housewarming party of the Trumpers, she meets Daniel Trumper, and the two become lovers.

As the Crow Flies

It was a good story, that of a poor east end London boy, instilled with an excellent work ethic by his Grandfather, and blessed with brains thw ingenuity, who makes good despite bereavement, war, and many other trials and tribulations, including making an enemy determined to undermine an It’s funny how our tastes change, I think that many years ago I would have loved this book, but now I have to admit that halfway through I found myself skimming sections of it When Rebecca’s father dies, she approaches Charlie asking him to go into business with her.


She took Rebecca in as a roommate, to the delight of her parents, who were worried about a single woman living alone. Really entertaining flise opera that I fkies wanted to pick up. However, ax did not intent to let Daniel know of his fortune until he turned Jun 08, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 07, Dianne rated it really liked it. There is nothing you would miss if you haven’t read this one, especially if you have come across Jeffery Archer before.

He later learns that Mrs.

As the Crow Flies by Jeffrey Archer

Open Preview See a Problem? However, i missed a great opportunity to read it along with a person who has a better background in history, world wars, and interest in documentary films. Both laugh at the situation, but realise Charlie is happy doing what he always loved best.

As the Crow Flies 8 69 Oct 13, Success, however, does not come easily or quickly, particularly when World War I sends Charlie into combat and into an ongoing struggle with a srcher enemy who will not rest until Charlie is destroyed. Cathy becomes the new chairman of Trumpers. A story of love, ambition, heartbreak, and revenge. In her spare time, she tracks down her father as Guy Trentham.

She decides she wants to work in the art field, and becomes an excellent student. After all why should I Jeffrey Archer has proven archrr many times. He re-enlists in the army, but is summoned to Prime Minister Churchill’s office. At loose ends, he initially encounters meffrey post-war Charlie in his greengrocers shop while running errands for his wife. He makes enquires and is led to a shop in Chelsea. He faces another problem in the form of his sister Kit, who was caught shoplifting.


As the Crow Flies | Official website for Jeffrey Archer

Spanning seven decades Archer takes the reader throug Jeffrey Archer is a master raconteur, pure and simple, and he has turned that talent to tell the story of Charlie Trumper in “As The Crow Flies”. Cathy says it was given to her by her father her one clear memory of himad Nigel claims he can prove it wasn’t his brother’s.

This book was really good. The first time, Charlie wakes up in a hospital with having lost a toe.

Retrieved 10 November As he g What a fun read this was. I no longer think Kane And Abel is this writer’s best book. It doesn’t work out, because George V’s grandfather would have been Prince Albert, whose ancestry is non-famous in the UK.

Which of the following best describes you? I picked up this book expecting to get a flavor of first and second world war history amidst some Archerian fiction somewhat similar to the Ken Follet century trilogy ; however I wasn’t much impressed with the history aspect of this book as much as it still kept me engrossed in the fiction.

Mass Market Paperback May St.