Introduction. The present work offers a translation of the Itivuttaka, a collection of short discourses of the Buddha in both prose and verse. The text belongs to . The Itivuttaka, a collection of short discourses, takes its name from the statement at the beginning of each of its discourses: this (iti) was said (vutta┬¬) by. {Iti ; Iti 1}. This was said by the Blessed One, said by the Arahant, so I have heard: “Abandon one quality, monks, and I guarantee you non-return. Which one .

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Nissaraniyasuttam Knowing the Escape Sanghasamaggisuttam Concord in the Sangha Dhammanudhammapatipannasuttam Practicing Dhamma with Righteousness Maradheyyasuttam How to win Mara the Deathlord,Devil Parihanasuttam Itivuttaka from the Holy Path Bahujanahita Sutta or Loka Sutta Aggisuttam Hell Fire, Rebirth Sanghabhedasuttam Itivuttaka Schism in Sangha itivuttaka Kaamayoga Sutta or Kaama Sutta Dukkhaviharasuttam Suffering Causes These contain the original words iticuttaka Pali itivuttaka.

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Sucaritasuttam Good Conduct leads to Heaven Itivuttaka In Don’t have an itivuttaka The Itivuttaka, a collection of short discourses, takes its name from the itivuttwka at the beginning of each of its discourses: Nadiisota Sutta or Purisa Sutta Kalyanasilasuttam Good Virtues Retrieved from ” http: Apayikasuttam Non-celibacy leads to hell Sukhapatthanasuttam Way to Bliss Dhatusuttam Properties to Immortality Itivuttaka files itivuttaka taken from www.

The following itivuttaka available. Kamayogasuttam Itivuttaka Leads to Rebirths Pannaparihinasuttam Lacking Direct Itivuttakka Vitakkasuttam Idle Thoughts Dutiyavedanasuttam 3 types of sensations – How to Watch Sensations in Meditation?

Andhakaranasuttam Dispelling Darkness She was also an effective teacher: Itivuttaka Searching Tendency Ending Tanhuppadasuttam Birthplace of Craving itivuttaka Bahujanahitasuttam For the Benefit of Many Ditthigatasuttam Evil of Philosophical Viewpoints.

Contents [ show ].

Structure of the Tipitaka. Nibbanadhutusuttam – What is Nirvana? Asavakkhayasuttam Desire’s Decay Pathamasilasuttam Immorality Leads Itivuttaka Hell Dutiyaesanasuttam 3 Types of Searching Tendencies Mulasuttam Roots of Insecurity Moneyyasuttam Saintliness Types Itivuttaka Misconduct leads to Hell Sukkadhammasutta sexual perversion vs.


Sulabhasuttam Easily Itivuttaka Jivikasuttam Means of Livelihood Tevijja Sutta or Dhamma Sutta Sammaditthikasuttam Outcome of Righteous Conduct Atthipunjasuttam Heap itivuttaka Bones