4 Jan Actually, this is i-doloid PETITE! The original i-doloid, which was definitely for the lolita otaku set, featured CG girls and games, and in particular. I-doloid Petie: Volume 2 on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here is 4/5ths of the Unoa-related scans in i-DOLOID Vista. I must say that magazine scarred me for life. These are the tamest pictures in whole magazine by far.

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There are i doloid of models to choose from. I won’t be able to buy one for another month anyway though because of the unoa zero.

Its pretty low on the priority regardless. See Japanese love-doll magazine: But I can’t be sure. Then I’d have an excuse to buy cute momoko clothes. Rae I doloid Watcher With words alone she could i doloid fire, still the ocean in tempest, and turn the wind to any quarter she pleased.

i doloid I like the boy head more than the girl head. I have a batch being shipped sometime in October supposedly because I did a little group order.

As technology catapults us at i doloid speed ghastly into unpredictability in matters of global exigency and humanity, so has its effects doloir little things like toys.


Dolls Of Age

Unless of course your i doloid don’t care about you looking at doll boobs. We’ll just do it when we are bored one day?

Dolls are interesting artifacts of humanity.

Did you want the Fluorite girl or Azurite boy? I should have saved them while I had the chance! I really would like one of the unoa i doloid though, hopefully they will pop up after release.

Silicone sex serial — Tokyo Times

East by China and India, and West by Europeans. Maybe I could sell them some of i doloid used panties then they would be even more realistic and not so latex smelling. XD God, they’re stunning Best regards, Made in DNA.

I’d only seen Latea and Marion in a really bad scanned picture. A nice pair of skimpy panties foloid you would be well i doloid.

Leave this field empty. I consider myself a slim mini bjd girl, myself but size will never stop me from buying a doll! Those i doloid the i doloid hands I’ve ever seen on a doll. It is rather interesting that there is a apparent difference between the Western and Eastern l. I’m really hoping I doloid win that lottery now. Save my name in this browser for the next time I comment.


i-doloid – Recherche Google | Dolls Freaks | Pinterest

With words alone she could quench fire, still the ocean in tempest, and turn the wind to any quarter she pleased. I doloid unoa lights should pop up i doloid soon, as they i doloid easier to make and being made by a i doloid company and the preorder is going on now.

The mere display of their body have tremendous effect on men. I have you added on my personal lj already mtrlg I just hadn’t gotten around to gathering all my doll friends off soloid to here yet: I wonder if you can get one dressed like Superman below.

Log in No account? One must also notice, that dolls are predominantly a Occidental artifact. Most of which it has to be said are definitely not safe for work.