The Color Code Personality Profile also known as The Color Code or The People Code, of the population; Blues 35%; Whites 20%; and Yellows 20%. A question test assesses one’s color, based on whether you answer A, B, C, or D. A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life. Hartman. PERSONALITY. PROFILE. Instructions: Part One consists of 30 groups of descriptive words. people code personality test The Hartman Personality Profile was created by Taylor Hartman, business consulting in Sandy UT, and is the most accurate.

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Every relationship begins with YOU. We can explain where the puzzle pieces go-and more importantly, why they go there. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This personality profile tool reveals your intact, innate personality — there are four categories— and represents it as a color. They often fail at seeing the positive side of life. They bring great gifts of vision and leadership.

They develop hartman color code personality test with ease but can be very self-centeredkeeping them from forming meaningful relationships. The Hartman Personality Profile was created by Taylor Hartman, business consulting in Sandy UT, and is the most accurate, comprehensive and easy hartman color code personality test use personaljty profile you will ever take on yourself.


Most other popular hartman color code personality test and assessments strictly identify your behavior, and leave it at that. Once you have embraced the COLOR CODE, you will understand why so many people claim that they can never see themselves or others the same again after having learned this system. Life is a sequence of commitments for blues.

Personality Test

The simple but profound concepts are easy to remember with the uncomplicated color designations. What is your innate driving core motive? Red motivated by powerBlue motivated by intimacyWhite motivated by peaceand Yellow motivated by fun.

Blues can be self-righteous and insecure and can also be very self-disciplined and sincere. They are highly committed and loyal. Clarity and tolerance are White gifts.

Blues can be counted on to be loyal, sincere, and thoughtful. Every other profile is only behavior based what you dowhile this profile explains your driving core motive why you do it.

They can be insecure and judgmental. Red, motivated by power; Blue, motivated by intimacy; White, motivated by peace; and Yellow, cove by fun.

Blues can also be emotional and moody. Red Personality Red are the power wielders! That feeling fosters their need to feel good inside. What hartman color code personality test it that creates conflict in your business and personal relationships, and how can you change it?


They won’t express conflict.

The four motive types are as follows: They are known for being spontaneous, optimistic, and sometimes self-centered. Blues are the most controlling of the four colors. They are always looking for something new to do. Yellows are motivated by fun.

Business Consulting in Sandy, UT

Do you really understand why you think personaliyy behave as you do? They are complex and intuitive and can be very opinionated.

They want to be loved and acceptedconstantly seeking understanding from others while often refusing to understand and accept themselves. They are spontaneous in nature. They are good at constructing thoughts that did not exist before, just from hartman color code personality test listening and taking time to think things through. Red are the power wielders!

Whites are kind, considerate, patient and accepting. They are devoid of ego.