Using Fractogel® EMD Tentacle Supports. Ion Exchange Chromatography . 3: BSA binding capacity of Fractogel® EMD TMAE (S) at linear flow rates up to . Fractogel® EMD TMAE Hicap (M). Ion Exchange chromatography using strong anion exchangers. Fractogel® ion exchangers are cross-linked. Sigma-Aldrich offers EMD Millipore, MiniChrom Column Fractogel® TMAE (S), 1 ml for your research needs. Find product specific information including.

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In this work the particle—fluid phase boundary was identified by the highest emitted light intensity across the radial profile, and subsequently used to calculate the particle diameter. fractoogel

The selection of five particles from those available up to 14 also helped tmqe to ensure this center cross-section positioning, as we were able to only select particles where the focal plane exactly intersected with the center of each particle. Comparison of loading capacities of various proteins and peptides in culture medium and in pure state.

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High-throughput screening of chromatographic separations. This was done in order to allow a direct comparison of the spatial location of BSA within resin particles during protein uptake between the clean, partially fouled and extensively fouled samples over the min experiments. Short-cut method for the correction of light attenuation influences in the experimental data obtained from confocal laser scanning microscopy.

The anion-exchange fractoegl, which operates in weak-partitioning mode Kelley et al. Impact of multiple re-use of anion-exchange chromatography media on virus ttmae. In this study the foulant was shown to progressively build up on the particle surface using SEM. The results suggest that progressive fouling of resin can severely impact the performance of chromatography columns. Scanning electron microscopy images of A: Three vractogel samples tmaee used in subsequent experimental studies to characterize the fouling.

Please review our privacy policy. We found that using more than five particles gave negligible benefits in terms of the reliability of our data.

This includes the intra-particle radial adsorption profiles during protein uptake within the miniaturized flowcell bed, accompanied by corresponding uptake curves. A mechanistic study of protein A chromatography resin lifetime.


We apply scanning electron microscopy SEMbatch uptake experiments, CLSM on a miniaturized packed bed, and small-scale column experiments to samples of fouled resin derived from the industrial process using the worst case feed stream and overloading conditions. Illustrating how the emitted fluorescence intensity is measured as a function of radial coordinates dotted lineand is averaged over particle circumference dashed line. These are regions where particle—particle contact occurs within the packed bed, and show little or no fouling.

Figure 3 shows the batch uptake curves of BSA with clean, partially fouled and extensively fouled resin samples. Visualising intraparticle protein transport in porous adsorbents by confocal microscopy. Each time the cumulative load challenge reached one of the predefined amounts, the cycle in progress was allowed to run to completion, that is, the column washed, eluted, sanitized, and placed into storage buffer according to the methodology set out previously Materials and Methods: Data arrived from Figure 7.

In addition to the pore blocking, images CX and CY show larger pieces of clumped material on the particle surface that were common throughout fouled and partially fouled particles.

However, it has been reported that the attachment of dye molecules can significantly change the adsorption behavior of the BSA and therefore must be carefully selected Hubbuch and Kula, 11 ; Teske et al. The shape of the fractoge went from sharp to diffuse as fouling progressed Fig. Once the breakthrough of BSA had been recorded at each flowrate, the column was returned to AEX chromatography cycling.

The resulting effective column volume was 0.

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Introduction Fouling of chromatographic resin over operational lifetimes can be a serious gractogel associated with industrial separations. Figure 3 shows that by the end of the experiment equilibrium had not been reached by any of the resin samples. A linear equation with an R 2 value of 0. Hence it was surprising that for this protein as column lifetime increased, when protein A elution pool material was loaded onto the AEX resin, significantly earlier breakthrough of impurities and premature loss of capacity was observed.

Integrating the area underneath the tmar light intensity profiles, and correcting for the spherical nature of resin particles, indicates the relative amount of BSA bound to the different resin samples throughout uptake Fig. It appears that as the foulant blocks access to the pore entrances, the available surface area where protein can diffuse freely into the particle therefore decreases, which introduces increased resistance to mass transfer. The data show that by decreasing the flow rate, the DBC lost due to fouling can be recovered Fig.


An iterative procedure where a column 0. The sedimented resin particles were quickly resuspended fravtogel resuming agitation. Dynamics of protein uptake within the adsorbent particle during packed bed chromatography.

Average radial emitted light intensity of BSA stationary phase: Re-use of this article is permitted in accordance with the Creative Commons Deed, Attribution 2. Fouled resin samples analyzed by SEM and batch uptake experiments indicated that after successive batch cycles, significant blockage of the pores at the resin surface occurred, thereby decreasing the protein uptake rate.

The AEX resin has been successfully used as part of a two column platform process for the purification of numerous monoclonal antibodies in the past Kelley et al. Sample preparation for SEM consisted of sample drying followed by gold coating. Abstract Fouling of chromatographic resins over their operational lifetimes can be a significant problem for commercial bioseparations.

Different control strategies were considered for preventing impurity breakthrough and improving resin lifetimes. Live Uptake Data Processing The large number of confocal images from the flowcell experiments were processed to generate a reliable set of radial light intensity profiles. The use of BSA for breakthrough studies was not intended to replicate industrial process behavior.

An investigation using small-scale chromatography, dynamic light scattering, mass spectroscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy FTIRindicated that the most likely hypothesis was that resin was being fouled by a combination of product and host cell fractogwl. Protein A peak pools contained the product of interest, host cell protein, DNA and residual protein A fractogfl had leached from the affinity capture resin, and approximately 3.