27 Dec If your inquiry is in regard to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), please visit the FAA’s UAS website for all information, guidance, forms. 10 Nov SUBJ: Interim Guidance in the Preparation of FAA Form 1. Purpose of This Notice. This notice amends FAA Order JO , Facility. I CERTIFY that entries above are correct; that all scheduled operations have been accomplished, except as noted, and that all abnormal occurrences and.

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Exercise care when preparing forms to ensure neatness and accuracy. Handoff, Tracker or Radar Associate. When only one position of a particular type exists, this field may be left blank.

When employees leave, they shall record their time of departure and initial the form. Initialing time and attendance reports may be used to document leave usage where this capability still exists. Use of a typewriter, computer printout, or ink is mandatory. FAA Form shall be frm daily. Employees other than the person responsible for the watch who make an entry shall initial or enter initials for each of their own entries.

If an automated method is not available to complete FAA formthe facility and or traffic management unit must manually complete the form. Field 6 shall contain the operating initials of the employee working the position. Field 4 shall contain the date in digit format.

All spaces must be used. Local forms used for recording this information are considered supplements to FAA Form and must be filed with it. Collection of any data shall be considered a secondary daa and shall not interfere with the accomplishment of operational duties.

When employees arrive, they shall sign their name and record their time of arrival. Data caa be retained either electronically or on paper. The personnel faq may also be used to document leave usage provided: Facility Operation and Administration Includes: A record of each communication, test transmission, or attempted communication except when such information is recorded elsewhere in the facility, the time the communication is completed, the station communicated with, and the frequency used.


When there is more than one position of a particular type, establish and use individual identifiers for each position. Complete the information required at the top of each form.

When this form is used to describe the operation of radioteletypewriter and radiotelegraph circuits, record the following information: Prepare FAA Form as follows: Signatures or handwritten initials shall be in either blue or black ink. Group forms shall allow for the Privacy Act alternative addressed above.

If the status of equipment or other facility operations has changed from status reported on previous days’ FAA Formchanges shall be noted in Watch Checklist entry, as well as time of status change, if known e.

The last entry on each day’s form shall indicate the close of business COBconsider midnight local time or facility closing time, if earlier, as the close of the day’s business. Except as in subpara c, do not erase, strikeover, or make superfluous marks or notations. FAA FormPosition Log, is only required to be used during those times that the automated procedure is not available.

Air traffic managers are responsible only for the routine collection and reporting of basic operational information as authorized in this order or by the appropriate service unit.

When an automated FAA Form is used, in lieu of actually signing the form, the employee assuming responsibility for the watch shall sign on using their name, e. Air traffic managers shall not permit their facilities to participate in special studies and surveys nor agree to the use of facility personnel to tabulate, prepare, or forward to outside organizations or parties any special summaries, abstracts, reports, or aeronautical data unless approved in advance by the Service Area office.

Field 7 shall contain the UTC time that the employee is relieved of responsibility for the position or the UTC time that the position is decombined. When it is necessary to correct an entry, type or draw a single horizontal line through the incorrect data, initial that part of the entry, and then enter the correct data. When a mistake is made in filling out fields 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 – if the portion of the line that is incorrect can be legibly corrected, then line out that portion only and write the correct information.


Time clocks or other automated timekeeping devices. Notify the organization responsible for corrective action on equipment malfunctions. Field 1 shall contain the facility three-letter identification code.

Facilities may establish local forms and procedures for recording and disseminating equipment malfunction and restoration information. Use two-letter position codes as fwa Additionally, the employee responsible for the watch at the time that the form is printed out shall sign the certification statement at the bottom of the form, as when the actual FAA Form is used.

This notification shall be in writing, signed by the employee and retained in facility files, or the notification may be included in a facility directive which authorizes the group form. Promptly notify personnel gorm for conducting the review upon identifying the need for a QAR. TBL Field 3 – Terminal. Firm two-letter codes, as follows: This statement shall include the specific period of time for which each supervisor is providing certification.

Authorized FAA abbreviations and phrase contractions should be used.

If the second page back-side of FAA Form is used, then fields 1, 2, 3 and 4 on that page shall also be completed. Starting on the left side of the field, use position codes as follows: Field 8 shall contain the appropriate code identified at the bottom of page 1 of the form.

Terminal facilities may establish local forms and procedures for recording, disseminating, and documenting the resolution of QARs. NOTE- At facilities which are closed prior to the beginning of the new business day, changes in status can occur during nonoperational hours.

These devices may be linked to a supporting computer system for purposes of recording. Facilities may develop forms other than fa personnel log to facilitate the documentation of leave and absence, provided: