The first ever English translation of the novel The. With Thom Hoffman, Rijk de Gooyer, Viviane de Muynck, Pierre Bokma. De avonden Poster Gerard Reve (novel), Rudolf van den Berg | 1 more credit». The latest addition to my website is Gerard Reve’s De avonden [The Evenings]. This book was voted top in a poll by De Amsterdamse.

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The translation of the novel flows easily.

My shoes have rubber soles. We get only the occasional glance like this into his psyche via his waking activities, but each chapter also ends with an account of his dreams, mostly deeply troubled and which would provide rich territory for a Freudian.

Rabbit, I am alive, and I breathe, avonnden I move, so I live. He lives with his parents, who drive him mad.

De avonden. Een winterverhaal

Many of the conversations Frits has are superficial and meaningless. View all 6 comments.

Er zijn nog genoeg jongeren die de twintig al gepasseerd zijn en nog steeds bij hun ouders wonen, terwijl zij een afstompende, eentonige baan hebben of een studie volgen die maar weinig toekomstperspectief biedt. But it is the fear. It’s not worth it and I wonder why it has been translated.


De avonden

Frits is severely stressed. The prose style has a satisfying period feel, although I understand the Dutch original was written in language closer to their equivalent of the King James bible.

Rreve a poll, members of the Society for Dutch Literature ranked De avonden first among works since in the Dutch canon. And Lydia Davis likes it too:: Dec 28, Vivian rated it did not like it.

De avonden by Gerard Reve

Previous Post Previous 20 best British and Irish novels of all time. Reve gebruikt slechts schaars symboliek en het meest krachtige symbool wordt misschien wel weggelaten. Lees voor een waardevolle interpretatie verder op avinden site: Dat is pas triest! He delights in reminding his brother, who is only a couple of years older, that his hairline is already receding.

The year is no more. Deferred suffering from the war. Unfortunately for me, this did not change as the story went on.

Rudolf van den Berg makes a recognizable film of the novel by Gerard Refe with the same title. A note on readability: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Gerard Reve: De avonden [The Evenings] – The Modern Novel

For instance, in Dutch one passage reads: Ik heb er zelf niet van genoten, maar aangezien ”De Avonden” zelfs in onze tijd nog relevant is, avobden ik wel waarom het als klassieker word beschouwd door vele critici. In Chapter and evening 2, at his brother’s and apropos of nothing, he returns to his favourite theme: This seems to be the way he sees his life: The story is spectacularly boring, almost nothing happens in this re When I finished The Evenings tonight, the phrase that bubbled to the surface of my mind was Shelley’s Pinnacled dim in the intense rege.


I think Garrett did about as good as job as one could.

All quiet on the surface, legs pedalling frantically below Scene from the film of De Avondenshowing Frits having dinner with his parents Source: Peace has broken out in Europe and when you’d expect a young man to feel elated, Frits is underwhelmed.

We will avojden ourselves be discouraged by nothing. Time and dreams collide to form an external world through which Fritz lives out a mildly stimulating life.