Exegetical Fallacies, 2nd Edition. by: D. A. Carson D. A. Carson (PhD, University of Cambridge) is emeritus professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical. “In short, this is an amateur’s collection of exegetical fallacies” (p). In this book, D.A. Carson seeks to reveal the numerous Exegetical Fallacies that occur from. This book offers updated explanations of the sins of interpretation to teach sound grammatical, lexical, cultural, theological, and historical Bible study practices.

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Only then can we profitably fuse our horizon of understanding with the horizon of understanding of the text—that is, only then can we begin to shape our thoughts by the thoughts of the text so that we truly understand them.

There was in fact significant semantic range overlap with “phileo” due to homonymic clash between “kyneo” to kiss and “kyno” to impregnate.

He also discusses the issue of distanciation, a phenomena which is especially common among seminary students. The interpreter who approaches a text, it is argued, already brings along a certain amount of cultural, linguistic, and ethical baggage. In His chapter on presuppositional and historical fallacies, Carson explains how our own frame of reference can influence exegetidal we read the Bible, and how to read the Bible correctly, understanding what fallackes means from the author’s perspective.

Exegetical Fallacies

Wilkins Limited preview – If you are doing independent Bible study you want to read this book. The first chapter addresses the pitfalls of improper word studies. That being said, it is a valuable reference—especially for readers who know a little Greek vocabulary, grammar and syntax. It cannot be done, and it is a fallacy to think it can be. Rather, it means that real knowledge is close to impossible if we fail to recognize our own assumptions, questions, interests, and biases; but if we recognize them and, in dialogue with the text, seek to make allowances for them, we will be better able to avoid confusing our own world-views with those of the biblical writers.

Some of my highlights. I have neither formal training nor do I know Greek. Carson No preview available – Other editions – View all Exegetical Fallacies D.


Every person who fallacjes with the biblical text brings along a certain amount of preunderstanding. Mar 25, Rob rated it it was amazing Shelves: I would have exegetiacl say that I feel generous giving the book a single star because of one single factor: It provides clear definitions and good illustrations, and is especially adept at distinguishing and relating the various “members” of the various families of related fallacies. Below are listed several exegetical fallacies that deal with mishandling the meaning of words.

The pride he describes leads exegetes to judgmental attitudes and blindness to their own errors, but despair cripples them with fear and with the heavy burden of responsibly handling the Scriptures. It serves as a plumb line for students of the Scriptures by helping them judge the quality of their work. Presuppositional claims deal with the field of epistemology the study of knowledge-its source, nature, and scope and are highly nuanced and complex.

He is a founding member and currently president of The Gospel Coalition. He has served as assistant pastor and pastor and has done itinerant ministry in Cana D. I learned a lot and the more I learn the more I will return to this book.

Exegetical Fallacies, 2nd Edition | Baker Publishing Group

Solid Christian book good read for anyone who wants to study the Bible in any way and especially if you want to explain it to others. Feb 22, Zack rated it really liked it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

He draws attention to the fact that while a statement may be true and an argument may be valid, these can still be insufficient means to prove a particular conclusion. Because it is not meant to teach how to exegete, it must follow instruction from other sources. Solid gold and good to be reminded not to dink around with the text and be aware of subtle ways to mishandle the Word in order to get it to say what I want.

I didn’t learn to read my Bible until late in life, and I’m convinced most Christians in “Bible-believing” churches do not because they are not taught how to. This book is full of illuminating examples that illustrate the different fallacies he lists and it should help any Christian approach interpreting the Bible with more care and humility. Refresh and try again. Aug 07, Jordan Shirkman rated it it was amazing. Needless to say, the arguments can be endless. Root Fallacy— Determining the meaning of a word based solely or primarily on its etymology.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Next, Carson deals with logical fallacies. And, more often than not, the error is in ignoring the context and investing undue authority in the words themselves. This book is a handy summation of the major types of exegetical fallacies. Thus, biblical interpretation requires the use of logic to assemble ideas and statements together into meaningful relationships to each other by which then a conclusion can be drawn.

Trivia About Exegetical Fallacies. Thus, the target audience was for those with seminary degrees who at least believe are competent in New Testament Greek. Selected pages Title Page. I found this chapter to be the most beneficial to me in my studies and teaching.

As a quick overview of the most common word-grammar fallacies, logical fallacies, historical fallacies, etc. Essential reading for scriptural study. I especially like that Carson used his own errors as examples. I can also hold the Word of God more delicately, humbled at how hard it is to truly understand meaning through the distance of time, language, and culture. Wrong understanding of the principles of language, errors in understanding word definitions and usage, the proper governance of context, or grammar lead to incorrect conclusions about meaning.

My favorite chapters were on logical fallacies and historical and presuppositional fallacies.

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It provides clear definitions fxllacies good illustrations, and is especially adept at distinguishing and relating the various He has been widely involved in preaching, teaching, and networking with churches to support the outreach of the gospel and the advancement of the kingdom. Where another’s disagrees, he must be wrong. In my opinion, every person who is serious about studying the Bible should read this book.