THE CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES (CLASSIFICATION, CONTROL & APPEAL) RULES, In exercise of the powers conferred by proviso to Article and. PROVISION OF ARTICLE OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA; APPLICABILITY OF CCS(CCA) RULES,; INTERRELATION BETWEEN CCS (CCA). –the various provisions and the rules relating to suspension and also decide whether a particular incident/case would warrant suspension or not;. –about the.

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As regards ccs cca rules 1965 in iiiit is obviously desirable that only disinterested officers should cccs appointed as Inquiry Officers in departmental proceedings. Government servants who is undergoing a sentence of imprisonment shall be also dealt with in the same manner pending decision on the disciplinary action to be taken against him.

On requisition cxs the disciplinary authority, the CBI has to hand over the documents to him for purposes of perusal and inspection by the delinquent official. These points are indicated below and the clarification given against each. A dated the 29 th July, ]. A dated 14th September, ; O.

CCS (CCA) RULES, | Department of Personnel & Training

Accs cca rules 1965 in 28thJuly, ] Disciplinary jurisdiction of Election Commission of India over Government servants deputed for election duties.

The power under Ccs cca rules 1965 in is one of judicial review. In respect of the types of misdemeanor specified in sub clauses iii and v discretion has to be exercised with care. Government servants involved in departmental proceedings when permitted to have access to official records sometimes seek permission to take photostat copies thereof.

A dated 20th October, ] Disciplinary jurisdiction of Election Commission of India over Government servants deputed for election duties. The authorities superior to the disciplinary authorities should also exercise a strict check on cases in which delay has occurred and give appropriate directions to the disciplinary authorities keeping in view the provisions contained in the aforesaid Office Memoranda.

There may be cases where the penalty is imposed under Clause a of the second proviso to Article 2 of the Constitution. A dated the 29 th April, ].


However, it will be desirable for the purpose of administrative record to ccs cca rules 1965 in a formal order for revocation of such suspension under Rule 10 5 of the CCS CCA Rules, However, where an individual under suspension requests for a change of headquarters, there is no objection to a competent authority changing the headquarters if it is satisfied that such a course will not put Government to any extra expenditure iin grant of T.

Ddated the 22nd February, ].

In such cases, departmental action should not precede prosecution. Union of India Civil Appeal No. A question recently arose whether an authority competent to order the suspension of an official has the power to prescribe his headquarters during the period of suspension.


However, past ccs cca rules 1965 in need not be reopened in the light rulds the aforesaid judgment. Since a temporary Government servant can sever his connection from a Government service by giving a ccs cca rules 1965 in of termination of service under Rule 5 1 of the Central Civil Services TS Rules,the instructions contained in this Office Memorandum relating to acceptance of resignation will not be applicable in cases where a notice of termination of service has been given by a temporary Government servant.

Civil Posts under the Union other than those rrules held by persons to whom these rules do not apply, shall, by a general or special order of the President, be Classified as follows: Keeping this in view, all concerned authorities should take prompt steps to ensure that after a Government servant is placed under suspension, he received subsistence allowance without delay.

As a result, reduction to a lower stage in the time scale of pay for a period not exceeding three years, without cumulative effect and not adversely affecting the pension of the Government servant who has been punished, was introduced as another minor penalty.

It is, therefore, necessary to constitute Review Committee s to review the suspension cases.

Whenever, however, there is unresolved difference of opinion between the Central Bureau of Investigation and the administrative authority concerned as to whether prosecution in court or departmental action should be resorted to in the first instance the matter should be referred to the Central Vigilance Commission for advice.

The Government servant shall not take the assistance of any other Government servant who has three pending disciplinary cases on hand in which he has to give assistance.

Adated ccs cca rules 1965 in th September, ]. During this time the work of which the officer is relieved may be distributed amongst other officers.

These reports are not usually made use xcs or considered in the ccs cca rules 1965 in. Since such an order of the disciplinary authority will be in the nature of a step-in-aid of the inquiry, no appeal shall lie against that order. Rulex Central Civil post carrying a pay or a scale of pay with a maximum of over Rs. It has accordingly been decided that whenever an application is moved by a Government servant against whom disciplinary proceedings are initiated under the CCS CCA Rules against the inquiry officer on grounds of bias, the proceedings on ccs cca rules 1965 in stayed and the application referred, eules the relevant material, to the appropriate reviewing authority for considering the application and passing appropriate orders thereon.

In rulea suspensions under sub-rule 2the date of order of suspension may be much later than the deemed date of suspension.

It would avoid delay in granting such permission, if the Inquiry Officers take the initiative in the matter of informing the controlling authority in this regard. In case the Government servant could have normally got his regular promotion from a date prior to the date of his ad-hoc promotion ccs cca rules 1965 in reference to his placement in the DPC proceedings kept in the sealed cover s and the actual date of promotion of the person ranked immediately junior to him by the same DPC, he would also be allowed his due seniority and benefit of notional promotion as envisaged in para 3 above.

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What happens to ccs cca rules 1965 in disciplinary proceedings started by a disciplinary authority A in respect of a Government servant when the latter is transferred to the jurisdiction of another disciplinary authority B even though the said Government servant continues to be in the same service?

The matter has been examined in consultation with the Ministry of Law and Justice and it has now been decided that wherever it is found that a Government servant, who was not qualified or eligible in terms of the recruitment rules etc, for initial recruitment in service or had furnished false information or produced a false certificate in order to secure appointment, he should not be retained in service.

A dated the 9 th November, ]. The Government servant who has been permitted to assist the accused official should be permitted to examine, corss-examine and re-examine witnesses and make submissions before the Inquiry Ccs cca rules 1965 in on behalf of the accused official, if the accused official makes a request in writing in this behalf. ccs cca rules 1965 in

In case of extreme complexity or importance it will always be open to Government to set special committees of enquiry or to have ccs cca rules 1965 in to the Public Servants Enquiry Act, It is further being provided that extension of suspension shall not be for a period exceeding days at a time.

It is considered that if previous bad record, punishment etc. There is no restriction on the right of the disciplinary authority to administer oral warnings or even warnings in writing which do not form part of the character roll.

As stated earlier, the copies of the statements of the witnesses can be used only for the purpose of cross-examination and, therefore, the demand for copies must be made when witnesses are called for examination at the oral enquiry. A dated 14 th September,in which the existing instructions relating to suspension of Government employees have been consolidated.

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-rule 2 of rule 3 of the Ccs cca rules 1965 in Civil Services Classification, Control and Appeal Rules, nowthe President hereby directs that the following classes of Government servants shall be ccs cca rules 1965 in excluded from the operation of the said rules, namely: AIR SC