Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu, the Vaishnava classic written by Rupa Goswami. 23 Sep Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu-bindu (a drop from the nectarean ocean of devotion), is a brief summary of the essential topics presented in. Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu had previously been translated in a flowing text format by Srila Prabhupada, the book is known with its English title ” The Nectar of.

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The particular element visvdsa to Kesava bhakti rasamrta sindhu be considered an ahga of that. Defining the Components of Rasa First Wave: General Overview of Bhakti 29 Second Wave: But the taste of the rasa-lila which causes astonishment even in Hari is filling my heart with incredible astonishment. This singing is greater than Siva himself singing.

The full moon, though marked by the figure of a rabbit, is never overcome by darkness. Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu Eastern Ocean Page 17 anydbhilasita-sunyam jnana-karmady-anavrtam anukulyena krsnanu- silanam bhaktir uttama “One should render transcendental loving service to the Supreme Lord Krsna favorably and without desire for material profit or gain through fruitive activities or philosophical speculation.

Krsna, the residence bhakti rasamrta sindhu pastimes of unlimited arts, is now enjoying His leisure. Real lobha appears spontaneously when one sees or hears about Krsna.

That crying out has created an ever-increasing debt that does not leave My heart. You are brought under control by verses of praise.

Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu – Volumes 1 & 2

The wise call the disturbance to the body the anubhdva aspect of the sdttvika-bhdva, and the disturbance to the bhakti rasamrta sindhu the vyabhicari aspect of the sattvika-bhava. The wise consider the alambanas to be Krsna, as the object of love experienced in rati, bhakti rasamrta sindhu His devotees, as the experiencers subjects of rati the five major and seven secondary sathayi- bhavas.

Thus listening attentively asaktirati raeamrta the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared.

When there are apparent qualities of rasarta accompanied by desires for enjoyment or liberation, it is called pratibimba reflected ratyabhasa. Somehow managing to steady himself, Akrura bowed his head to the ground. Pure devotees are bhakti rasamrta sindhu in achieving the transcendental service of the Lord, which is nondifferent in quality from Him. Although one may be elevated to the heavenly planets, he falls down in due course of time. May My promise to you be fruitful!

If You did not appear on this earth to bestow auspiciousness, I do not know what condition would befall the devotees from persecution by all the fierce demons. Other living entities may also be Krsna’s expansions, but those expansions are indirect.

He gave up everything difficult for others to give up. Pure devotional service is executed with positive intent. Rasa appears radamrta in deep bhakti-samadhi, devotional meditation.

Rather, bhakti rasamrta sindhu ornaments become decorated by His body, bhakti rasamrta sindhu thus have increased their beauty. As the flow of my prema -bhakti appeared, the coverings of the modes of passion and ignorance vanished.

Great saintly persons know rasajrta very bhakti rasamrta sindhu, and therefore they constantly visit this house.

Though contrary, their existence in Krsna is not impossible, because of His unrestricted powers. This indicated the fear simdhu his mind.

If somehow or other My devotee desires promotion to heaven, liberation, or residence in My abode, he easily achieves such benedictions. When the bhakti rasamrta sindhu takes shelter of the fire element, perspiration and change of color arise.

It is truly astonishing that the bhakti rasamrta sindhu who wage war with You will all their energy, rzsamrta being destroyed, are transformed bhaktti You into friends and attain liberation.

It arises from sorrow, astonishment, anger, joy and fear. Devotion initiated by such lobha is defined as raganuga-bhakti; sometimes it is termed pusti-mdrga-bhakti. The prdna then moves through out the body. Because Your limbs have become paralyzed, why are You uselessly showing anger about walking in the forest?


The fact that so few of my Godbrothers have attained bhakti rasamrta sindhu authentic transcendental consciousness is proof of this. It is full of consciousness and rasa. The wrestlers saw Krsna as a lightning bolt, the men of Mathura as the best of males, the women as Cupid in person, the cowherd men as their relative, the impious rulers as a chastiser, His parents as their child, the King of the Bhojas as death, the unintelligent as the Supreme Lord’s universal form, the yogis as the Absolute Truth bhakti rasamrta sindhu the Vrsnis as their supreme worshipable Deity.

Then he joined his bhaktj in supplication and, in a voice choked with emotion, very slowly and attentively began to pray.

Why are you smiling?

Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu-bindu 3rd edition

Such a devotee, desiring to possess those feelings, shakes bhakti rasamrta sindhu the shackles of logic and scriptural bindings.

In this state, all the hairs of the body stand on end, sending a thrill throughout the body.

bhakti rasamrta sindhu One should not be a full-time fruitive worker, philosopher or speculator and a part-time devotee, but a devotee who occasionally engages in karmic activity to maintain himself and his family responsibilities. There is immobility of the active and knowledge-acquiring senses. Sri Bhakti-rasdmrta-sindhu Eastern Ocean Page Though in its essential nature it is taste itself, it also bhakti rasamrta sindhu as a cause of tasting the pastimes of Krsna, His associates, His form and His qualities.

This has been described in all the Puranas. The moon of His face shines with betel nut and a faultless hairstyle. You were so merciful to the crow who pecked Mother Sita’s breast, but who then offered obeisances to You. These cows constitute the wealth of Vrndavana.