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A clear stumble in payment of newspapers dues as a prdss to publishing ads, for routine reasons, or the financial crisis that hit the country since the beginning of It’s worth mentioning that our first report ”on January the 20’st” indicates that the oress of newspapers that publish advertisements in their governmental, civilian, and official paper editions are 34 out of Order of newspapers covered by this observatory according to proportion of ads: The survey comes to coincide with the stifling financial crisis which Iraqi journalistic institutions suffer, and that threatens some of them with closure, or a lay off employees and reduce costs, as it is clear that most vulnerable newspapers to wssabah risks those which are financed by capital funds of publishers and franchisees from outside the circle of governmental or partisan institutions.

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Brokers do not pay attention to the role of the newspaper or its prevalence or impact, and if a newspaper wants to get ads, it must create relations with a distribution network that monopolise the government advertisements, those Brokers have strong and trustful relations with the administrations of ministries and governmental institutions, and sometimes they both exchange and share benefits of ads distribution. It is worth mentioning that after German unification, media ownership in eastern Germany has turned to private sector and West Germany has contributed in its ownership, which led to a significant increase in sales of newspapers in western Germany, according to the requirements of Eastern German market.

German newspapers, assaban rather media, are classified into “public and private” sectors; The private sector is funded by shareholders projects which must show and explain their sources; while preess official media ptess funded by the state, from tax and fees paid for ownership of T. Since then, Al-Massae has kept that position and continues to grow.

All Newspapers & Periodicals results for Assabah

Courses in India Overseas Education. To review the first report: Newspapers, which did not get any ads during observatory period: The ad pages sum compared to the total number of pages during the monitoring period: Iraqi media house demands the international organizations concerned with supporting independent and free media to set up work projects and partnerships with independent media in Iraq to save it from political and partisan polarization, or racial and sectarian retrenchment.

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At present some government departments do not pay the amounts due of ads for many years, as a result of financial crisis faced by the country, which led to a huge financial problems for newspapers. Private Un-Aided Specialized in: Ads of foreign oil companies, international organizations, telecommunication companies, as well as local businesses and channels, in addition to other commercial interests occupied There is a major crisis in ads provision for newspapers, because of the absence of commercials ads in Iraq, which considered ad primary funding source for global newspapers and whole media means.

German paper press has maintained its balance despite the ongoing technology developments in presz field; it continued impacting through political and social issues in a large segment of German society.

The closest newspaper in circulation rates in Morocco, Assabah, only reacheshouseholds a day. Just email your content along with college name and section on support pdess.

Assabah – Wikipedia

Like newspapers in Presss, Al-Massae also features an online presence with a website and PDF versions of the daily newspaper available for purchase. Judicial notifications, condolences, messages of thanks, and reports of lost personal documents reached The Broker controls everything in the press advertising market, and runs across a network of various and influential relations the distribution, sale, and commission processes; it seems that it is difficult for press institution to depart the Broker framework for its knowledge of the almost certain financial losses.

The survey adopted monitoring the daily presd that is assabaj on the websites in “PDF” form, during the period specified above. Computer Application Approving Statutory Body: A list of controls, mechanisms, and proposals, should be arranged by ”joint committee” pres the provision of support by the state to prices of paper and ink devoted exclusively for printing newspapers regularly through providing servings of those materials by subsidized prices and tax exemption.

Al-Massae gave Niny a chance to report without any political affiliation or government ownership, but still found himself getting in trouble with the Moroccan government. Info update by students of the respective college only.

The report showed also that newspapers which own websites are 47 out of 59, and newspapers that publish their content using PDF format are 19 out of Adnan Hussein, captain of Iraqi journalists syndicate: Do you really think that content of this section should improve? Al-Massae founder, Rachid Niny. The local newspapers rely on few governmental ads, which are not distributed in accordance to fair quotas, but according to personal relationships, thus you can find newspapers from third and fourth class contain four or five ad pages, while first and second class newspapers cannot get even quarter of such space.


However, the decline in advertising in newspapers as a result of the global economic crisis, the finance diminishing, as well as the tendency of the youth category to Internet news websites, caused a crisis to many local and regional newspapers.

The advancement of paper press necessitates the presence of sponsors of independence and permanence, as well as steady law fortifies media institutions including their cadre from political and partisan monopolism and censorship, in order to build a national independent media according to professional standards.

Assabah – الصباح‎

They act as mafia which controls the distribution network of ads of ministries and governmental institutions, sometimes their authority in this field gets stronger than political parties influence. Each Minister participates in successive governments tries to send advertisements to media institutions affiliate his party, therefore independent newspapers could not cope with the current situation, as well as Iraqi ministries decided this year after adopting the budget to reduce advertisements rates to minimum level.

The ads crisis hasn’t surprised the independent newspapers, it was expected because of the political composition of successive governments. Prospects in paper press crisis. And no solution to this problem for the time being, just by relying on commercial advertising of private sectors, while there is no robust economic activities or investments, prezs it is rare to find companies that advertise for their products through newspapers.

Data Table of Benefits of each newspaper from ads, According to number of observed editions during the period of this survey. Additionally, Brokers play a role in controlling some ads related to governmental tenders, by publishing them in certain newspapers, then buy all copies of those newspapers to prevent the spread of tender news in order to turn it to a particular contractor, that is by an agreements made by the contractor, Broker, and newspaper administration pess, then the Contractor takes copies of the newspapers and submit them to the concerned ministry, as he meets the governmental conditions mentioned in the ad of tender.

Niny created the newspaper in after working at Al-Alam, another newspaper in Morocco, that had a political affiliation.