Pt cei ce vor sa stie ce inseamna sa iubesti cu adevarat un suflet de FEMEIE.. dar si pt cele care vor sa stie cum sufletul unui BARBAT trebuie sa fie si sa se. Despite this, with time, Coelho decided to open up the possibility. alchimistul de paulo coelho By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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Coehlo’s got a point, and he’s going to drive it through your eyeball until he’s absolutely sure you’ve got it.

By the end of the book you’ll want to track down the philosopher’s stone yourself and carefully beat Coelho to death with it. The Aesop’s fables that came with my chocolates brought me more inspiration than this book. If it’s not right, it’s not the end. This book knows not of irony. Look why don’t you read the book, then you can actually have an opinion on it. I glommed on to this coellho an omen that absurdity was lurking close. I didn’t even read it, bro GR: Make that dream come true, no matter what.

As with all medicines, there are some side effects, and it is very important to read the warning before you take this drug: Preachy, pretentious, and awful portrayal of women. Now, there’s an alchemist for you: Where did the saying come from: It’s an inspirational fable; it’s about our own self discovery; it’s about awakening your passions; achimistul about following your heart; embracing life as a journey and finding the courage to chase your dreams. View all 12 comments.

Pulo make the list, a fortune must convey a good message when applied to life and even better when the requisite “Dirty Fortune Cookie Ending” is added.


Just like the book, his intention is really good, but the ham-fisted delivery, full of unrealistic and impractical advice, is just painful. Then I washed my brain, eyes and fingers with bleach. My heart will go on. An 8 year old could read it and even they would probably be bored. Singura noastra obligatie este sa ne realizam destinul.

Alchimistul by Paulo Coelho (1 star ratings)

I was frustrated at the cheesiness of the terms. I learned that Joe Jonas and Russell Crowe loved this book. I’m just fucking with you. I consulted the Oracle, known across all the lands by many names.


And the most annoying part is that he very earnestly feels inspired by the sort of sentimental drivel that he persist in peddling at me. He leaves Spain to find it and journeys to the markets of Tangiers and across the Egyptian desert, guided along the way by a camel driver, an alchemist and other spiritual guides.

My heart tugged on my sleeve. Can I order them online nowadays? Perhaps I am being too harsh. They were content with just food and water, and, in exchange, they generously gave of their wool, their company, and – once in a while – their meat. That what he sought was back home, the place he started from. Well, I was shocked and appalled. And how is that?

The book was badly written, righteous, condescending, preachy, and worst of all, the ending was morally questionable.

There aren’t more than three or four nuances in the book. View all 24 comments.

Aceasta poveste, uluitoare in simplitatea si intelepciunea ei, este despre un pastor andaluz pe nume Santiago care isi paraseste casa din Spania, aventurandu-se in Africa de Nord in cautarea unei comori ingropate in Piramide.

Queen Wiki turned out voelho be very entertaining and illuminating in this case. From this intensive interest and use of the Internet sprang his bold new project: If you ignore much of the language of the book, this is a paper-thin rehashing of R The Alchemist has been translated into like a million languages, and it feels like it.


It was like the 16th verse of a hymn. I once read a book that inspired me to change my whole attitude towards reading. He is equally present in media sharing sites such as Youtube and Flickr, offering on a regular basis not only texts but also videos and pictures to his readers.

This page alchimistul de paulo coelho last edited on 25 Julyat For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders. However, most of us give up on our Personal Legend in childhood.

Now this may be because he planted that seed alchimistuul discontent, or it may be because this was the least creative and most redundant book I’ve read in a while. Plina de seva, evocatoare si profund umana, povestea lui Santiago este un etern indemn de a ne urma visele si de a ne asculta inima.

Alas, it’s still crap. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Who was not impressed by the Alchemist?


I also can’t get behind the whole meaning of the book- maybe this is because I’m not religious but it really just seemed to me like a devout, bible-thumping Christian went on an acid trip, and this was the result- a not-so-subtle sermon about the glory of religion disguised as a self-help book.

Really, I did this so you don’t have to. I have always been in the habit of collecting good omens.