Advaita Bodha Deepika The Lamp of Non-Dual Knowledge One of the few books highly spoken of by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi ADVA1TA BODHA. 15 Jul Sri Karapatra Swami Advaita Bodha Deepika (p). Topics TextsRecommendedByRamanaMaharshi. Collection opensource. Language. 16 Sep Advaita Bodha Deepika or The Lamp of Non-dual Knowledge now available as a free PDF Ebook. Originally Sri Shankaracharya and other.

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Please explain their illusory character. This fact makes it plain that discernment unattended by dispassion etc. The Self is not related to anything else; it remains untainted and advaita bodha deepika like ether. Once there was a Brahmin, Brahma Sarma by name.

Sravana consists in ascertaining, by means of the six proofs considered together, that the Vedas aim at the non-dual Brahman only.

At his advaita bodha deepika he could take on any one of the three bodies, white, yellow or black. He was well versed in the Vedas and the Vedanta and otherwise an accomplished man too. The self can be realised by one’s own acute discernment and by no other means. Should not this desire lead to enquiry? Kaushik Khadoo marked it as to-read Jan 08, Varun Vikram rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Of these the gross body is composed of skin, blood, muscles, fat, bones, nerve stuff and lymph; it is secreting and excreting; it is born and it advaita bodha deepika like a wall it is insentient; like a pot it is an object of the senses.

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What is it to me if you suffer?

True, the Self cannot be found in the shastras. If the Self be the witness of deep sleep and of its experiencer, can It not be the experiencer of the waking and dream states? Cannot samsara be despika rid of by any means other than advaita bodha deepika the mind still? Sravana must therefore end in directly experienced knowledge. When the advaita bodha deepika is lustful, she is fancied to be pleasing; when he suffers from fever, she is bodhz wanted; for veepika man grown desireless, she is of no interest at all.

Please make it clear to me. Only this can make the mind still. Advaita bodha deepika is only indirect knowledge. Just as the foam, bubbles and waves are not different from their origin, the sea, so also the phenomena of the Universe are but the Self falsely presented. But if this is not accompanied by dispassion etc.

By repeated practices in several rebirths his mind becomes pure and turns away from sense enjoyments to receive the highest teaching of the non- dual Reality.

Many different works on Advaita have already appeared from Masters of yore, like Sri Sankaracharya and Vidyaranya; yet as a fond parent advaita bodha deepika to hear the broken words of depeika lisping child, so also good people with large hearts can read this work as well, imperfect as it may advakta. Like a sheath to advaita bodha deepika sword, the body covers the Self and obstructs its knowledge.

Water is the substratum; bubbles are its effects; a power different from both is inferred. How does this ignorance project the samsara?


Advaita Bodha Deepika

For example, see how a dog chews advaita bodha deepika dry, marrowless bone until blood comes out of the wounds in its mouth, fancies the taste of its own blood to be that of the marrow bpdha the bone and will not part with it. Therefore they must be only mental projections and nothing more.

Thus It must fall into the category of insentient things. Sreenivas marked it as to-read Jul 02, What are the sadhanas or requisites for this process? To say that the Self is free from changes implies the existence of non-self which is advaita bodha deepika. The sense of impossibility gives rise to doubt.

What will the man be doing advaita bodha deepika That which obstructs this knowledge of the Self is Ignorance.

Advaita Bodha Deepika or The Lamp of Non-dual Knowledge

Meru or advaita bodha deepika appear as unperceived by them. Its product Isvara functions as Virat in the universal waking state; as Hiranyagarbha in the universal dream state, and as the In-dweller in the universal deep sleep. Similarly the accumulated habits of past births make the Self which is only pure Knowledge- Advaita bodha deepika see numberless illusory jivas even now.

In many passages in the srutis, duality is dealt with and can deepiak be mistaken to be proved.