About Abandonment to Divine Providence by Jean-Pierre de Caussade Jean Pierre de Caussade was one of the most remarkable spiritual writers of the. Abandonment to Divine Providence. With Letters of Father de Caussade on the Practice of Self-Abandonment. By: Jean-Pierre De Caussade. Abandonment to Divine Providence has ratings and reviews. booklady French writer JEAN PIERRE DE CAUSSADE () believed that the.

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A further quote on this topic of reading is: Its theme will not be exhausted until the end of time. Therefore, from henceforth, I renounce my own will to follow Yours in all things; dispose of me, Oh my God, according to Your good will and pleasure. As mystic works go that I’ve read, de Caussade is perhaps the most buried in the cloister.

Mine is to be content, dispassionate, passive, peovidence everything to your pleasure” Such souls have no more consistence and rigidity than molten metal.

Jean Pierre de Caussade – Wikipedia

Plus, it’s pretty long. I find the book very useful in my jean-pierrf status, in that I accept the uninteresting parts of my life instead of looking for extra opportunities to act holy. I know not what this day will bring me either pleasant or troublesome, whether I shall be happy or sorrowful, shall enjoy consolation or undergo pain and grief, it shall be as You please; I give myself into Your hands and submit myself to whatever You will.

The errors into which these good souls fall cease with self-surrender, which jeab-pierre lets them down. I’m not sure I would’ve grasped its meaning as well earlier in my life. I like this skinny little book.

Abandonment to Divine Providence

A real classic for growth in your spiritual life! What He has done is finished; what remains to be done is being carried on at every moment. And when the soul has arrived at this sublime state it need fear nothing which is said against it, for there is no longer anything for it to causswde in self-defense.


Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. I have had interest in this book for a number of years now, but just never got around to reading it.

S4 In what Perfection Consists. It is not what we do but with how much love and gratefulness we receive everything that comes from God. Want to Read saving…. Its nature and excellence. We sin every day by our thoughts, words and actions, but God forgives us for all our sins, so long as we truly repent.

Intellectuals like to appear learned and to be called wise. It is the will of God which guides souls along paths which it alone knows. This quote was one of my favorites from the book: I found this book fairly interesting and helpful until is started to be a collection of letters which the author had read through the years.

The edition I actually read was the Image Books edition published by Doubleday in same translation, I think, as the one showing above, by John Beever. De Caussade helps with the discernment of God’s plan is letting God enter your life as a providential force so that you become more sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

John of the Cross, St. But in order to discover them we have to get out of our own way, and get out of God’s way. This garden resembles no other, for among all the flowers there are no two alike, or that can be described as being of the same species, except in the fidelity with which they respond to the action of the Creator, in leaving Him free to do as He pleases, and, on their side, obeying the laws imposed on them by their nature.


I am moved to tears every reading. If not it might have remained one of those books I would read someday.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Let God act, and let us do what He requires of us; this is the Gospel; this is the general Scripture, and the common law.


Catholic Treasury | Abandonment to Divine Providence

S8 God Reigns in a Pure Heart. Caussade places a greater emphasis on faith related issues that truly matter, as opposed to stressing some ideas that seem to be more set in our specific time, as opposed to the universal Church throughout time.

Caussade says “If we have abandoned ourselves to God, there is only one rule for us: A spiritual classic for a reason. Pere de Caussade emphatically insists that quietism is false mysticism” Kitty Muggeridge, viii.

However, if examined carefully, de Cassade’s teachings of ascetic abandonment to divine providence are so esoterically extreme they will not receive sympathetic response from most seekers in this age of rampant self-centredness, ego worship and instant solutions.

They were fully persuaded that in this consists the entire perfection of the soul.

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Just uploaded it to my Kindle. It is none other than the record of God’s guidance and purposes for man. There are proper seasons for reading special books.

The soul pgovidence Jesus Christ received these directions at every moment, and acted upon them externally. With God, the more we seem to lose, the more we gain.