PAUL BRUNTON A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA $ A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA This is the famous classic that has sold more than a quarter million. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the. Paul Brunton, thinking of a refreshing cup of tea, stepped through the doorway of his This scene is from Brunton’s A Search in Secret India, the page-turning.

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Now that you have got back, when will you let the public know?

A Search In Secret India

I charge them high fees, naturally. Such was the effect of his wonderful atmosphere.

Finally I trotted out my pet interrogation, “Have you met any Yogis? Moreover, like a meteorite, he will fall ingloriously to earth. His skin is darker than that of the average Hindu. It is probably a Buddha, for the face is calm and inscrutable and the two unwinking eyes gaze down at its nose. Hitherto my life had run along the even channel of youthful study and healthy sport.

Full text of “A Search in Secret India”

One ancient book engages my attention; it seems somewhat interesting brunyon I examine it more carefully. The facts cannot be gainsaid. It is certainly no loss to avoid such a man.

Brunton describes it in the following way:.

Paul Brunton

He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings. A neurochemical of nomadic wandering filtered into his blood at this turn in his life.

Time turns page after page of the calendar of years until he meets unexpectedly with a man who gives a temporary but vivid life to the old ambition. They are dark brown, medium-sized and wide open. I have come to India on a private mission – to study some out-of-the-way things, and possibly make a a search in secret india by paul brunton notes for literary work.

So, when I hear my friend use the word I stop him short and beg for further information.

Everyone looks at him with adoring eyes. Suddenly my host raises his head and looks at me.

The servant leads the way upstairs and I find Mahmoud Bey seated at a table whereon there is tea and toast and jam. One evening he collected thirty of his old schoolmates and boyhood friends, gave them mysterious hints of an important meeting, and brought them to the little temple in Sakori. Fate issues its orders every day, and though we are not literate enough to be able to read a search in secret india by paul brunton, nevertheless we unconsciously move about to obey! It is something alien and apart from sane existence.

To the enemies who so cruelly fight to suppress his homeland, he has demonstrated an attitude that comes close to that of Jesus.

A Search In Secret India: : Paul Brunton: Books

Several rough bungalows were constructed, to- gether with many thatch-and-pole huts. My heart almost stands still with a sense of eeriness. The high and z expanse of forehead gives intellectual distinction to his personality.

I a search in secret india by paul brunton spent weeks and months in the company of w holy men and found immense spiritual strength in such associations.

I bruntkn not reveal any more. In the s and s, Brunton occasionally stayed as a guest, for a few weeks at a time, about six months total, with the parents of controversial American author and former psychoanalyst Jeffrey Masson. You see, India has never been without her traditions of the mysterious, the occult, and many are the stories told of those adepts who could perform miraculous feats.

This book is a must read for all who are skeptic without ever venturing out into mysticism to understand if it really is rubbish or there is some substance in it. Because he believed that these changes took their root in the kiss which the Mudammedan woman a search in secret india by paul brunton had bestowed on him, Meher approached the old lady for advice about his future.

In other words, the way is being prepared to enable me to deliver a world-wide message!