Originally published in and now rediscovered to international acclaim, this taut and exquisitely structured novel by the Hungarian master Sandor Marai. Marai Sandor a Gyertyak Csonkig Egnek. 19 likes. Book. Márai Sándor. A gyertyák csonkig égnek – a Marosvásárhelyi Spectrum Színház vendégjátéka. Drama. CONTINUE TO TICKETS. Videó bezárása.

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The first part is exceptional in its descriptions and characterizations of people and situations many of which you would like to memorize. He had gone there at first light, and it was past eleven o”clock before he had finished drawing off the wine and returned home.

For decades now, since he had moved into this wing of the building, and torn down the dividing wall, this large, shadowy chamber had replaced the two rooms. The General recognized the handwriting. The room had a vaulted ceiling, supported by a central column. He swayed, then sat down in the leather armchair with its worn back.

The mail went to the estate manager”s office, to be sorted and dealt with by one of the stewards.

Years passed without him setting foot in the other wing of the castle, in which salon after salon opened one into the next, first green, then blue, then red, all hung with gold chandeliers. The General had been born here in this room. Both distances counted off exactly.

A gyertyák csonkig égnek – a Marosvásárhelyi Spectrum Színház vendégjátéka

Eighteen paces from the wall egne, the garden side to the balcony. This is the story of 2 childhood friends who had not seen each other for 41 years. And he is to wear full-dress livery.


The gamekeeper, still frozen to attention, watched him, unblinking, and waited until the thickset, broad-shouldered figure disappeared around the turn of the stone balustrade. Its fist-sized numbers showed August As if the room had been tailored to his body. The General went into his room, washed his hands, and stepped over to his high, narrow standing desk; arranged on its surface of unstained green felt were pens, ink, and a perfectly aligned stack of those notebooks covered in black-and-white-checked oilcloth commonly used by schoolchildren for their home- work.

He was calculating how much time had elapsed between that long-ago day and today. In the middle of the desk stood a green-shaded lamp, which the General switched on, as the room was dark. The General took out the letter, carefully smoothed the paper, set his glasses on his nose and placed the sheet under the bright light to read the straight short lines of angular handwriting, his arms folded behind his back.

He removed a pair of spectacles from his cigar case, went over to the window where light insinuated itself through the slats of the blinds, and began to read. The Landau, because there”s rain in the air.

The castle had been built two hundred years earlier by an army supplier who sold oats to the Austrian cavalry and in course of time was promoted to the nobility. Seventeen paces from the door to the bed. When he went out, it was to the cellars or into the forest or–every morning, rain or shine, even in winter–to the trout pond.

In a secluded woodland castle an old General prepares to receive a rare visitor, a man who csonkjg once his closest friend but who he has not seen in forty-one years.


Otras ediciones – Ver todo Embers: He crumpled the letter into his pocket. He lived here as an invalid lives within the space he has learned to inhabit.

There was a calendar hanging on the wall. Many years ago–he thought only in decades, anything more egnel upset him, as if he might be reminded of things he would rather forget–he had had the wall between the two rooms torn down. In those days the room farthest back, the dark one that looked onto the garden ggertyak estate offices, had been his mother”s bedroom, while the lighter, airier room had been the dressing room.

Taking the letter and putting it in his pocket, he stepped into the cool of the entrance hall and, without uttering a word, handed the gamekeeper both his stick and his hat.

A gyertyák csonkig égnek (Video ) – IMDb

The carriage and harness are to be cleaned immediately. It had once been two rooms, a bedroom, and a dressing room. After this a long monologue of the You too,”he said with unexpected force, as if suddenly angered. Only the column holding up the central vault remained. His neck reddened and bulged over the maize-yellow collar of his jacket.

Very difficult to rate. All you are to say is that I have sent you, and the carriage for the Captain is waiting.